Cheating in relationship

A relationship is a tricky business, cheating in a relationship is so common. We do not appreciate people who cheat but still, people do. Have you ever thought about why people do it? We might find several reasons or aspects.  Everyone has their own reasons and vision of cheating in a relationship. 

Let’s go back in the time of the beginning 

Recall your sweet, emotional and exciting beginning of a relationship. When you used to be so romantic, caring, concerned, and emotional. Those feelings of young and fresh love are so special, everyone is in search of same young love, the fragrance of those sweet time and get thrilled at such thought. Then what happens when you spent time with each other and you don’t feel as you used to.

I think the reason is very simple when you get into the new relationship, you walk extra miles to impress each other,  put in extra efforts, to please one another. You talk more often, you go out more often, spent more time and care more for each other. Everything looks so amazing when things are unknown and fresh.

Sometimes knowing each other can be dangerous

But as you know each other’s habits, choices, dreams, and character things get slow down. Your mind and heart don’t find new things, you don’t get surprises, you lose your excitement and this is how you put fewer efforts when things get usual for each other. Most of the time people are not ready to handle each other’s habit, thoughts, and approach for a relationship. As a natural instinct or approach, we try to prove ourselves right, intellectual and smarter than our partner.

Gradually things start changing. As the time passes person becomes someone else, and you start thinking that is this same person I met? you find one another a changed person, less love for each other, ignore the positive sides of each other, blame more, and feel distances in a relationship.

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Now it’s your turn, to be honest

How about you? Ask the same questions to yourself, dig yourself deep down and ask are you the same as you? In most of the cases, people don’t blame themselves as they don’t find themselves as a culprit.  But then, in reality, your partner was more or less was like this only, just you are finding other parts of each other. Just like we all want to be upgraded with things, deep down we also want to upgrade in relationships. We start treating each other like gadget, when you get over with, you like to have the new version with more features.

Spending more time to find out each other’s fault rather than accept ours, lose trust and feel more insecure about our partner. We just want to get rid of that relationship and knowingly or unknowingly we walk on a path of cheating. We find more interest in other person or explore more opportunities around.

Possible reasons for cheating in a relationship

This is one of the exact situations when people get insecure about their relationship with each other. Once you feel insecure your emotions for each other will be less. You will not like the things about the person you are living with. You will not spend much time with each other, will have more arguments then sweet talks. Your romantic evenings will turn into loneliness and in such situations, people try to move on with cheating.

  • When people feel insecure
  • Don’t get as much attention as they used to get.
  • Not ready to move on with the same relationship
  • They don’t even love each other, as they were just hanging out.
  • When they don’t see efforts from another side
  • Get more attention outside
  • Not satisfied emotionally, physically or financially
  • When they want revenge
  • Or they are addicted to sex
  • They want to end the relationship and don’t have the courage to say it

Whatever can be the reason is, cheating should not be the way to get separation. There is no perfect world or person, only in our mind. As people get old they look for more stability in a relationship even they do not love each other, these situations are also not good.

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When we try to be practical, when we put efforts to keep our partner happy and content the same things come back to us. It is better to invest in one person rather spending your precious time to find uncertain love all around. Accept your partner by heart no matter how he will become you will never leave his side. You will never let each other down. Cut yourself loose and find happiness within.

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