The list of Endangered Spices is getting outsized day by day. One conformist estimate has placed almost 40% of all the wildlife and animals in the edge of having the ecological annihilation. Not only the customary wetlands are being taken away to find a fresh place to make cultivated area but also the urban areas are growing at an unusual rate too. The affected plant and animal life in the middle of all this is pretty large; you can find animals such as sea turtles, pandas and many more. Indian tigers are one of the major records in this list that were once the proud heritage. Here are a few ideas being threshed out to save most of our endangered spices for future.

Nepal Striking The Chord – Announced doubled the Tiger Population 

  • Wildlife feeding and protection initiative
  • Spreading the Awareness
  • Joining the hands with credible organizations
  • Stop purchasing any product related to endangered plants or animal
  • Arrange charity and fundraising events

The foremost thing that you can do to protect these endangered species in need is to create awareness about them. The leading causes behind these endangered species are the varying environmental parameters, high pollution, the rapid growth of industries, deforestation, drastic changes in climate, global warming, illegal hunting and advancement of agriculture and so on. At present, the endangered species in India is 8.86 % of the total species of the earth.

Although there is a vast list of endangered species in the world here, we will discuss the 5 Endangered Species, as they require special attention and awareness.

Here are the 5 endangered species: the next generation might not be able to see them alive


Sea Turtles

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2 kinds of Sea turtles are amongst the first species within the globe: the hawksbill and also the leatherback within the past a hundred years, the hawksbill has lost 90% of its population, 80% that has been lost within the last decade. As in the year 1996, the IUCN classified it as an endangering species. The IUCN lists the leatherback as at risk; nonetheless, several subpopulations face extinction.


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Since the millennium, the Sumatran Pongo Pygmies have been classified by the IUCN as endangering vulnerable with roughly 80% of the population lost within the past half-decade primarily as results of mass deforestation. This awful trend continues to place pressure on the remaining population of 6600 Sumatran Orangutans that are predictable to stay on this earth.

Amur Leopard

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Since the year 1996, the Heilong Jiang leopard has been classified by the IUCN as Critically vulnerable with but seventy people thought to exist nowadays. It terrified and killed for its lovely fur; its surround is being destroyed for human settlement and agricultural practices.

Ganges river dolphin- INDIA to lose it’s blind and endangered national aquatic animal soon

Indian Tiger

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The tiger has long been looked for its distinctive figured fur. Of the 9 tiger’s taxonomic category, 3 are already extinct; several are vulnerable however it’s the South China Tiger and also the Sumatran Tiger that presently faces the most critical threat to their survival. Tragically, the South China Tiger is assumed to be extinct within the wild because it hasn’t been noticed since the Seventies.


endangered_species_animal kingdom_trickytruths

In spite of their rough and tough appearance, these tiny, warriors built mammals are losing the battle against habitat and poachers loss.

We have only discussed The 5 Endangered Species, but the list is never-ending.

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