According to the rescue team authority all 189 passengers are “Likely” Dead in the crash.

  • The Lion Air flight, JT610 sank in the sea this Monday, a flight was going to Pangkal Pinang from Sumatra Island.
  • 189 – Passengers were on Board -178 Adults,2 Babies,1 Child,2 Pilots,5 Flight attendants

Indonesia: Flight of Lion Air got crashed into the sea this Monday morning. There were 189 passengers were on board. According to the Air Traffic Controller, flight lost contact within 13 minutes of taking off from the Capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. Lion Air flight crashes in Indonesia Tricky Truths

Indonesia’s search and rescue agency are not sure if there are any survivors after the tragic plane crash. There is 30-35 meters deep water where the plane is crashed. Agency head Muhammad Syaugi said that we are already there with our vessels, our helicopter is hovering above the waters, to assist,” We are trying to dive down to find the wreck.”

Tsunami In Indonesia – A huge loss to human life

23 government officials were on board the plane

As per air navigation spokesman, there was around 23 Govt. officials were traveling to Pangkal Pinang. It was the new plane, and it is so confusing why it happened? And we do not dare to say the facts about the tragic incident said Edward Sirait, the chief executive of Lion Air Group. The plane was in operation since August, and pilot -Co-pilot together have experience of around 11000 Hrs of flying time.


Waiting to Retrieve Black Boxes to Know the Exact Cause

Safety committee of Indonesian transport is unable to share the cause of the crash, as they are waiting to retrieve the black box to know the exact reasons.

According to the Soerjanto Tjahjono “The plane is so modern, it transmits data from the plane. And that we will review too. But the most important is the black box,”

Investigators will concentrate on the Voice call records. They will try to find out the technical issues within the new plane. It is going to be a huge challenge to retrieve the black box and for the investigators.

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