Looking after loved ones that are suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia disease is not only worrisome but also a full-time job. There is always a dangling fear of losing them if they are out of sight or wander off on their own and get lost. This is the unfortunate reality for many people with these diseases. In an effort to prevent this from happening, one company has come up with a pair of smart GPS shoe insoles that will allow you to track your loved ones with memory impairment, making sure they never get lost again.

Shoes with GPS Insole Lets You Track Loved Ones With Alzheimer's Or Dementia

SmartSole decided to create a shoe insole with a GPS tracker hidden inside. The insoles can be slipped into the shoes of a loved one who suffers from the diseases and a built-in tracking chip with a cellular signal lets you know exactly where they are. The website for SmartSole notes that this is a fantastic investment, partially because of the fact that even those with dementia or Alzheimer’s will remember to wear shoes. “This system capitalizes on procedural memory,” they say on their website. “Which means even those with advanced memory disorders typically remember to wear shoes!”

Shoes with GPS Insole Lets You Track Loved Ones With Alzheimer's Or Dementia

They continue to add, “This is wearable technology that not only provides peace of mind but can also save lives while preserving the privacy and dignity of the wearer.” The great thing about this is the SmartSole is completely hidden, so the wearer won’t try to remove them as can happen with bracelets or other wearables. The insoles work to send a location to the server every 5-10 minutes. This location data is put on a map where caregivers can access online or through the company’s mobile app. If the loved one being tracked leaves an ‘assigned’ area, the caregiver will be notified via email and text with their last known location.”

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