Sonam Kapoor has debuted a new video series on her Instagram page called “vanity vignettes”. The 35 year old actress and model has opened up and revealed all of her beauty secrets, telling her fans about her favourite makeup products and skincare secrets. Kapoor told fans, “Hi, I’m Sonam and these are my vanity vignettes”.

Read the interview here:

1. Go-to lipstick

Casablanca by Tom Ford. I like Dragon Girl by Nars. Red is a neutral colour.

2. What do you avoid for your skin food-wise?

Sugar. It’s awful. It’s bad.

3. Favourite foundation

My favourite foundation is actually a mix of three foundations by Chanel. The foundation is called Vitalumière and I use 20, 30, 40 because no one has ever come up with a foundation that matches my skin tone perfectly.

4. Holy grail makeup brands?

Tom Ford is amazing. Bobbi Brown Chanel, Charlotte Tilbury. I can go on. I don’t use one brand, I mix a lot of brands and I keep trying new things and I enjoy makeup. I love Giorgio Armani foundation as well.

5. Favourite concealer?

I won’t call it a concealer, but it’s a corrector, because I have awful dark circles. It was Dark Peach by Bobbi Brown, and at one point they stopped making it, and made it with serum, and I was devastated. The serum one kind of works but I found the exact same one at Chanel. It’s still not perfect, It doesn’t match the Dark Peach that Bobbi Brown used to do, but hopefully someone will come up with an amazing one soon!”

6. Favorite drug-store makeup?

Maybelline colossal mascara. I think it’s an amazing mascara. It keeps drying out all the time, and like, it dries up really quickly, so I keep buying new ones and I know it’s really bad because it’s made from plastic and it’s really bad for the environment, but I can’t do without that mascara.

7. Cream or powder eye-shadow?

I can’t choose, I like both. I can do with either one.

8. How often do you clean your brushes?

Every 4 days, or 3 days. It depends on how much I’ve used the brushes, but every time I use them I have a little spritz spray that I spray on it, and clean with tissue paper. It’s an anti-bacterial cleaning spray, which is a quick fix between using them every day. I’m crazy about cleanliness.

9. Bold eyes or bold lips?

As an Indian girl, I love doing up my eyes. I think it makes you look beautiful, we all have big eyes, and our eyes are our best features, but nothing beats a red lip.

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