30 Days Before Extinction – The World Head Towards Its Ends!

Have you ever thought of what would happen if the world ends? Just imagine, you wake up to the news that the world is about to end or countdown of 30 days before extinction. Whoa!

TrickyTruth- 30 days before extinction

But wait for death! Something we all fear of. Nobody wants to die. Most of have had a bucket list of things we want to do. Some want to travel abroad; some wants to be a successful entrepreneur and few loves to sleep. Like me! But on a broader note, life is okay as long as we live.

Death Is Inevitable & Unacceptable!

A sudden rush everywhere. Panic is got to strike the chord. People would be confused. Some might consider it as a joke while few of the lot would be as severe as death. Some might be busy brooding over what’s left undone whereas legends would be bragging about what they have achieved. 

And then there would be few laughing and loitering considering everything to be a joke. It would be fun to see how people react and what do they do if they have just 30 days before extinction.

Extinction – whoa

There was a time when we used to be bothered about the extinction of dinosaurs, then came the breed of tigers and now humans! Super Awesome.

Now, let’s not waste time uttering rubbish and head straight towards what few of the geeks would do at the thought of 30 days before extinction.

What To Do If I have 30 Days Before Extinction? 

Here, we have few tweets by people across the globe about what they would probably do. Answers to what people would do for the next 30 days before the world ends.


Omg, I mean really. It’s just 30 days, and you are still in a mood to work? Love working eh? I wonder if you are thinking to work, who would be left to use your money.

Eat A Lot

Hahaha! This sounds great. If you can digest all you have eaten and enough money to buy all you wish to it. Then an excellent idea. Go ahead, pal!

I support you.


Are you serious? It’s just a month, and you are still worried. About what and why? What now?

We all know that we would one day die. Why worry?


Hahaha, this is amazing. You are eventually going to sleep forever, and still, you want to sleep.


How can you be such a sleepy brat?

Climb Mountain

Amazing, go out and just do what you wish to. I guess the best to do. Don’t care about other, pack your bags and head straight. It’s your life, just 30 days. Live it to the fullest and why not? If you have a buffer of life and death, then who would just jabber or brood.


Whats in your to-do list?

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Jab Tak Hai Jaan !

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