5 Best Destinations to Spend Your Christmas and New Year Week

When the Christmas and New Year holidays roll around lots of people, want to travel from one destination to another to enjoy and spend some quality time with family and friends or to enjoy a holiday alone in unique surroundings. What so ever your reason for traveling during the celebration is, it can often prove to be very confusing when it’s come to choosing destination destinations to spend your Christmas and New Year.

If another Christmas and New Year Week at home are all too much to bear, and you protracted for an option to the usual roast potatoes and cold turkey, here are some seasonal alternative holiday destinations to spend your Christmas and New Year week:

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Aspen, the mountain resort park of the famous and rich makes a fantastic seasonal celebration. Spend your Christmas and New Year celebration spotting on the slopes, sipping cocktails in a breezy nightclub and soothing in a luxurious lodge or romantic ski cottage.


The historical and elegant Scottish capital in the U.K hosts an assortment of lively and fun events running more than 6 weeks. Each and everything kicks off around the last weeks of November and stretches all the way to the starting weeks January. Perfect destinations for families, kids would enjoy largest Ferris wheel, fun pantomimes and carol concerts of Scotland. As an adult, you would love all the big shopping complexes and a festive marketplace. Ensure to consider staying in a luxurious hotel and enjoy a Christmas and New Year great meal of pheasant or rabbit on the big day.

Sydney, Australia

If you are sensitive to the chilly atmosphere, spending Christmas with bikini babes and bronzed hunks might attract you. December is the previous month of summer days in Australia, and the international city of Sydney generally attracts more than 40,000 worldwide visitors every year. For a genuine Aussie Christmas move down to Manly or Bondi beach and feast on roasted seafood, shrimps, and fresh salads washed down with a bounty of chilled beer.

New York

The natives of New York love to celebrate Christmas and New Year Eve, and in a thoroughly American style, the Big Apple hauls out all the destinations. Broadway events, twinkling lights, and world-famous shopping attract many tourists during the seasonal holidays of Christmas and New Year. Ice skate at the base of the Rockefeller Center, buy till you drop at Macy, ride a horse-wan cart through Central Park, or sip an egg-nog latte at Bloomingdales for that perfect destinations to spend your Christmas and New Year week.

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Lovers of reindeer and animal should think to spend Christmas and New Year break in the Alaskan town of Anchorage. With enjoying a true snowy, wintry weather, you can visit the popular tourist attraction point of the town, the native reindeer farm. At this place, you can give food to reindeer along with other animals such as moose, elk, and black tail deer.

Above we have shown you the top 5 destinations to spend your Christmas and New Year that many people choose to go to at this time of year. However, it is important that you arrange your lodging well in advance to get what you wish for and also to get a big deal on it.


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