5 most awaited Hollywood movies of 2019

2018 have to be no less than a roller coaster regarding entertainment. We have cried our heart out and laughed out loud. It has to be one hilarious year with its own set of flops and hits. From Deadpool to Avengers: Infinity War, A Quiet place to Black Panther, it has its collection of films. However, even after such a fantastic year, regarding entertainment, we are still waiting for some more.

If for a second you believed that 2018 is one of the most amazing years then we are giving you a chance to think again. Here are some of the top movies of 2019 that will not allow you to take a break.

J. K. Rowling: The writer who diminished the choice-gap between generations with her fantasy world

Frozen 2 – 27th November

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Frozen has already won our hearts with its first installment. The love and bond between two sisters were shown in such an amazing way. Now, it is impossible for us to wait for some more fun, love, and snow. And let’s soon forget Reindeer, Rudolph, and Olaf. After all, ‘Some people are worth melting for.’

IT Chapter 2 – 6th September

awaited Hollywood Movies - 2019_entertainment_trickytruths

The creepiest clown has taken away my night sleep. However, he is all set to return to the big cinema. This is going to take away your sleep all over again and let you lock up in a room. Well, I don’t know about you, but it is for sure that I am dying to watch Pennywise again. There is not much known about the movie yet. However, the story will soon be out with the trailer and storyline soon.

Lion King (Live Action) – 19th July

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Yes, lion king is back with Mufasa’s death which was the most heartbreaking part of the whole movie. The funniest thing is that no matter how sad the movie part was, we all will still watch it. It is possible that we will cry a river at the scene again, but a miss is not something on the list. Let us give you a reason to go and watch it. Simba is Donald Glover, Nala is Beyonce, Pumba is Seth Rogen, and Zazu is Oliver. Isn’t it an impressing cast? Well, let us tell you some more, the trailer of the older version and new version are an exact copy. But it will be a thrilling one to see how they bought back legendary – Timon (he is love).

Avengers 4 – 3rd May

awaited Hollywood Movies - 2019_entertainment_trickytruths

It is one of the most loved movie series without a doubt. People are waiting to see the movie. People are going crazy over the trailer, but it is kept in covers. As for now, Thanos is busy having a holiday while resting his bones after destroying more than half of the universe. All we can do is to wait until our heroes make an entry to take the world to its peak again.

Toy Story 4 – 20th June

awaited Hollywood Movies - 2019_entertainment_trickytruths

The Relationship Is Not A Burden; It’s A Responsibility That Depends On Mutual Concern

Yes, we know that it was the end of the whole story when Andy was all set for college. But we came to see that it is not over yet. Yes, the era is still with us, and we can enjoy these miniatures getting into trouble and then saving themselves. The Sherrif Woody and Buzz Lightyear are coming back to find Bo Peep.

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