70 New emojis in the latest iOS update version 12.1

70 new emojis – Apple’s latest iOS  update 12.1

Key Points
  • Apple announced the introduction of 70 new emojis on Tuesday!
  • iPhone, iPad users can send this emojis after updating their software to iOS 12.1

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Apple is all set to change the way people view emojis. As it has entered into a new era post a decade of excellent smartphones, Apple now takes a massive step in the emoticons.

What new in the iOS update 12.1?

Leaving behind all those basic, Smileys, angry face, the tired look or the irritated face, Apple introduces emojis a lot different from the one existing in the digital world.

  • Animals Emoji: Multiple animals as lobsters, kangaroo, swan, raccoon, and llama.
  • Sports Emoji: A stick, softball, skateboard, lacrosse ball and the Frisbee all for you in the latest iOS update.
  • Elegant Hairstyle Emoji: Bald, Grey hair, curly and red hair.
  • Hiking boot
  • Travel case
  • Bagel
  • Cupcake
  • Compass

And the list goes on! The update is made available for all the Mac and Apple watch. The beta app has been launched, and we all are eagerly waiting for the update to go live.

But why update and for emojis?

Well, you might be wondering why Apple needs an update for emojis. What’s unique about that?

So, the next few lines for you!

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People across the globe use emojis. With the advent of smartphones, our vision towards life has changed. And an iOS update bridges the gap between vision and reality. Giving Life to more characters and the power is all over to the keyboard. A better way to represent the users by inducing activities that we do in our everyday life.

And not just for you but Apple is taking a competitive stand in lieu with the Android pie update and the pixel 3 update of Google.

What else in the Apple iOS update 12.1?

The latest iOS update is not restricted to the inclusion of more than 70 new emojis. The major highlights being

  1. Group notifications, maximum 32 used to be part of FaceTime group.
  2. M-emojis
  3. Screen Time
  4. Better runtime performance
  5. Adjusting photo background bokeh in real time.

As the next era of Apple unveiled with iPhone XS and xs max, people are now waiting for iPhone XR and now the iOS 12.1. Apple is leaving stone untouched to emerge out as of the leading companies of mobile devices.

As of now, we keep to what iOS 12.1 has for you!

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max – Features and Specifications

Features of iOS 12.1
  • Launching the iOS update in the older version of iOS smartphones, the same would boost a performance hike of around 40-70 %.
  • Notification would no longer act a dump. All sorted and grouped. Same app notification in a single thread. The better, the cleaner.
  • Refrain from the traditional style of sending animated emojis. M-emojis is the new trend. Personalize your emoji and be the real you.
  • You no longer need to copy that pesky code. iOS 12 makes it a lot easier. Just a tap on the displayed options and you are done.  
  • What a relief! More than one Face ID.
  • Excellent work with Siri shortcuts. Now know when you lost your keys.
  • A does not display for you. While you are sleeping the DND hides all your notification.

And many more!

Apple iOS update makes life a lot easier.

How to create Siri shortcuts on IOS 12?

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