Adultery No more Crime – IPC Act 497 Chucked off by Supreme court of India

Old Is Gold But Not Always – Adultery Not an Offense

The 158-year-old law of Indian Government considering Adultery a crime has been bowled out by the Supreme Court.

Adultery not a crime - trickytruth

Save The Date – 27th September 2018

Finally, the verdict hailed the courtroom. The Indian society has now readily accepted that sexual relationship is now a matter of the individuals involved and the society on the whole. An excellent step towards embracing adulthood, the Supreme Court took the major call in a month.


It’s not been a month that the court freed homosexuality and yet another massive abduction by the Indian Jury. The IPC act 497 has been gracefully wiped off.

A Deeper Perspective

Earlier, what depicted a criminal offense is now totally acceptable on the grounds of mutual consent between two people. Consensual Relationship no longer seeks an explanation from the doers and of course the weaker yet the dominating male gender. Though adultery would continue to be a valid reason for divorce yet a spec of achhe din for all in India.

Adultery - trickytruth

Men who underwent sexual intercourse with women, not his legal spouse was a subject of crime. Also, women were viewed as a matter of shame if she did so. Discrimination arose in the most hyped law as women were not punished, but the men were tagged as seducer and hence guilty. The man might need to visit the jail for a minimum of five years. The Indian law did not seek Women opinion. If she owned the consent of her husband, then the Indian law does not deem it as a crime. However, if the husband did not provide consent for the same, then the same cannot file a complaint against the accused men.

Why people cheat in a relationship?

A massive step towards Adultery

Don’t you think Indian Law was biased?

But no more, a group of five judges and led by Dipak Misra the CJ of India marked off the victory of women rights and stated that Adultery is no longer a crime.

Adultery trickytruth

The Supreme Court judges were convinced that Husband is not the master. Women deserve equal rights, and the must preserve law is a crudely anti-woman. And so finally it said that it is their matter of choice and personal.

Impact Of the Decision

The law meant not to primarily distinguish between gender, but it simply stated that women have no rights to choose their partner for intercourse. Women cannot make a choice and were simple the puppet at the hands of men.

Adultery trickytruth

However, with the removal of the act, the way people view marriages would mostly change. Open marriages would be the next trend and people both men and women would be liable enough to make their own choices.

A Brighter Response

And so,

Laws cannot dictate Relationship


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