Aishwarya on #MeToo – I Spoke in Past, I am speaking now, and I will continue to talk

The #metoo campaign reached India as a storm Titli in Odisha. Bollywood industry is the one facing the primary issue. Directors, actors, politicians all are under the storm. While most of them would not be loving this rapid gaining era of women empowerment. A major name in the industry supporting the cause and seeing comments of Aishwarya on #metoo is splendid.


Amidst the cacophony of all speaking up against the abuses, sexual assault, and harassment, Aishwarya Rai states that

I Spoke in Past, I am speaking now, and I will continue to talk.

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Aishwarya on #Metoo movement

At the launch of the L’Oreal Paris X Sabyasachi Calcutta, She said:

“Social media has enabled the conversation and any woman who comes from any part of the world today has a voice that will be heard,”

#Metoo, Aishwarya- tricky-truths

She feels that there is no good or bad, right or wrong time. Women have the freedom to speak as an when they want. Women can share their experiences at any moment they feel comfortable.

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Aishwarya accusations on Salman Khan

In the year 2002, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan alleged Salman Khan. She alleged him for cheating and also misbehaving with her.

Following the allegations on physical abuse, she gave a statement saying “After we broke up, he (Salman) would call me and talk rubbish. There were times when Salman got physical with me, luckily without leaving any marks. And, I would go to work as if nothing had happened.”

Where multiple big celebs are struck with the rage of the #metoo movement, take of Aishwarya on #Metoo is commendable. She says this is a good sign and also social media is playing an excellent role. A platform that is helping women voice their experiences.



Though Aishwarya on #Metoo is pretty clear with her call, yet she is playing safe. She is not ready to speak against any particular incident or accusations. Aishwaryafeelsl that the court would do the justice, so it wouldn’t be fair to comment on any case.

She said that she always speak up and will motivate all women to speak up. Also, she says that this should be an ongoing process and women need to take stand against all.

“Since the world is becoming a smaller space where social media is bringing people closer and anyone from any part of the world can share their story and find interested people to listen to them,” the actress added.

It is exciting to see how women speak up as Aishwarya on Metoo. A positive cause and a positive feedback.


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