Amritsar Train Accident Video: Train Crushed people during Ravan Dahan

Amritsar Train Accident: When India is celebrating Vijayadashmi or Dussehra with a lot of Joy a tragedy happened at Amritsar. A very unfortunate accident happened when people were watching Ravana burning in Amritsar. As per the latest report, more than 110 died and over 250 injured during the accident.

Before wishing Happy Dussehra, Know Your Own Ravana first

How did Amritsar Train Accident happen?

People were standing near Chauda Fatak railway track during watching Ravana Dahan. As there was too much noise due to fireworks, people couldn’t hear the coming train. As per the witnesses explanation, people were also panic and ran everywhere due to fireworks. At the same time, DMU train number 74643 was passing by and it crushed people who were on the track.

As per the police statements, there were at least 300 people was standing over the track. As per the report no. of dead people increased up to 110 and no. is going up.

Captain Amarinder Singh Chief Minister of Punjab stunned and shocked with the incident and directed all the Govt. and private hospital to treat injured people.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his condolences for the died people and asked officers to help injured people.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi also tweeted and asked Congress supporters to help the injured people during Amritsar Train Accident.

Amritsar Train Accident Video:

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