Aqua Yoga – The Subtle Art Of Underwater Yoga

Mystery Behind Aqua Yoga

Recent years saw the voice of yoga spell across the globe. People indulge in the excellent practice of doing yoga asanas instead of hitting the gym. And why not, when you have so much to gain from an art, then why just stick to the dumble hitching or the kettlebell swing. An exquisite fitness regime soon booked its place in everyone’s day to day life. You might have just done with all the media sensationalization and the honorable PM promoting the practice of power yoga. Either you are at home, or beside the beach or on the hilltop. A yoga mat and get started. But the term does not end there. It’s the time to hit the waters. No not adjacent, but inside! How? – aqua yoga the all new power yoga.

Ohk, don’t give me weird looks. I will justify my point. Recently, I was on a tour abroad. Chilling aside a pool and something struck my attention. A lady in the pool was stretching with noodles. Strange no?

It is. I tried to reach out to her but couldn’t. My curiosity rose its peak and I reached out to my talented love Me Google. After a series of irrelevant sentences revealed the mysterious act -of power yoga as Aqua Yoga.

Yoga is for the mind, body and,  the soul – Yoga Is For All
So what is Aqua Yoga?

Similar to other variants of water activities, aqua yoga is just another power yoga or a way of working out in the pool. Extremely low in impact, the art form is most ideal for people struggling with joint pain. It takes pride in improving the flexibility of course and the core strength of the individual.

Going a bit technical, aqua yoga can be stated as:

The waters buoyant effect pull out the weight of the person from the joints thereby of easing the pain which most of us experience while exercising. Owing to the fact that water facilitates lesser weight on the body in water, the fore gets relaxed and can be further stretched.


Did your mind crash after so much intense knowledge, no no don’t let it go? Yoga is fun but aqua yoga is super fun. However, working out only to drive fun would deem us insane. Everything benefits in some way and so does Aqua Yoga. So, without wasting much time in jabbering my story, let’s quickly dive into the pool of benefits this art form offers with yoga asanas. 

Ways to Do Aqua Yoga

Well, you might definitely love the entire concept of practicing yoga underwater. But, one major question, how? You might be a power yoga fan but inducing a totally new thing could be quite challenging. Before you start, few tips to guide you:

  • The Warrior Pose. Yes, it is, of course, difficult to land, but the effect of water can support the hold. Do not forget to breathe. You might risk your life.
  • Tree pose can sound easy. But not really. Have your chest above water and try balancing on one leg. Once you are there, holding could be a lot easier.
  • The triangle pose is easy but ensures that your head does not go beyond the water level.  If you find to hard to balance, shift to the side of the pool to add breadth.
  • Savasana: Best and the most ideal float in water while your entire body relaxes. Noodles beneath your knee would help to attain a stationary position. Gradually you can opt to float.

Go ahead pals, have a great time in the pool doing yoga asanas

Why Choose Aqua Yoga?

To start with the multitude of advantages you can gain by performing poweryoga underwater, it is believed to help people ease the pain. The ones suffering from arthritis, hip pain, sclerosis, depression or anxiety can largely calm their pain as well as their mind. It is best for people who find hard balancing. Well, all this is the basic advantages of the extensive form of power yoga, the super master has many more to force you to try it.

  • Water – An excellent support: You have had a tough time struggling to make poses on the yoga mat. Not to laugh but you would have even fallen. Now don’t be shy, accept it. But no more, aqua yoga provides you an added support owing to the buoyancy effect of water.
  • Therapeutic Benefits: The extra layer of support that the water beneath you provides, makes it convenient to stretch. You no longer feel that pain while moving legs or posing the tree yoga asanas.
  • Yoga with props: Pool always specify fun. And so does Aqua yoga. You can at any time catch the noodles and balance more perfectly. Also, a lifesaver, the prop can be highly effective in adding stability to your postures. A new way of yoga asanas in water. 
  • Flexibility at your toe tips: Though being, low impact the form is quite challenging and controlling your breath could be a major concern. But not in water, more flexibility and greater awareness of breath, aqua yoga is best.
  • The sweet feel of savasana: We all love this. In fact the best asana for all. Just relax and sleep. Right? Yes, I know most of us to tend to sleep. It happens. Imagine doing this while in the water. Oh, what a mesmerizing feeling. Similar to floating in the air, isn’t it? A pool noodle is a must to support. But apart from that, it is an amazing feeling. I bet you would not wish to come back to reality. It is so soothing.

An authentic experience you must try. Ok don’t go by what I say but at least give it a try. I bet you would love it.


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