Former Australian Cricketer Matthew Hayden suffers multiple injuries while surfing

The former left-handed batsman from Australia Matthew Hayden may have suffered from many injuries while playing cricket, but this time he got injured during surfing. Most of the bowler of world cricket used afraid whenever the powerful Matthew Hayden was batting. His carrier and records are outstanding as he was one of the finest cricketers from the Australian team. He also played in IPL and was pretty successful with his style, however, his mongoose cricket bat was controversial.

Even after retirement, Matthew Hayden is so well connected with cricket, as you can see him time to time on the field in various Avatars. This time he came in highlights not because of his cricket but by his surfing accident. Let’s find out more:

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It seems as if I dodged a bullet: Matthew Hayden

The Australian Test cricket champ said after he suffered from neck injuries and several ligament fractures.

What was surprising that the 46-year-old socialized his half broken photo, he posted a photo on Instagram with his injured head and a brace in the neck.


Former test Opener finds himself lucky to survive after getting knocked down while surfing his family in Queensland.

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What Happened to Matthew Hayden?

Matthew Hayden is on vacation with his family in Queensland. On Friday, he and his son Josh were surfing on the island of Stradbroke. They were into the session past one hour and dodged dozen of waves. But then a huge wave struck him right, and he ducked.

An apparent spill hit him hard, and he was rushed to a nearby hospital. He said: I was knocked down. Felt like he speared on the top of sandbank which twisted his head. Though he was able to track back to a hence, scans in the evening confirmed his injury.

Along with few minor fractures, Matthew Hayden has fractured the C6 vertebrae of his spine, the C4 & C5 ligament of his neck is genuinely torn and currently has a bloodied forehead.

“I heard this god almighty click in my neck. I did not get knocked out but I sort of came to and rolled up on my back.”

However, this is not his first major accident. Back in 1999, he was forced to “swim for his life.” His boat has turned over and also sank while he was on his way to the Island of North Stradbroke for an excursion of summer fishing.

He along with his fellow cricket mate Andrew Symonds and also one more friend swam near about a kilometer in the way battling muscular exhaustion and severe conditions.

How does Matthew Hayden feel Know? 

Oh, he is lucky to survive!

While posting his picture on Instagram, he assured that it was the last picture from his end to seek attention. He thanked all that stood by him.

And yes definitely dodged a bullet while recovering but the waves don’t scare him. He is all set to hit back once he is well!

Well Played, Hayden!!


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