Nailing the art of bargaining in India with just 10 tips

For bargaining in the country like India, one needs to be a pro!

Going out shopping can be more fun and fabulous if you have the bargaining skills. This country has become a place of handicrafts and textiles which are hard to resist during shopping. However, you can’t let yourself pay for the initial price they have asked for. Bargaining or you say haggling become unexceptional when the prices of products aren’t fixed. For foreigners, the deal of negotiation over the cost of something is difficult though (Bahut Mushkil)! Instead, the vendors feel joy and look forward to such earning.

Being an Indian, you must have heard vendors talking of two aspects such as ‘Indian price (₹)’ and ‘foreign price ($).’ The vendors look forward to making money from the foreigners by setting the higher prices on the products. And, this set of pattern of making money works and foreigners do pay that much of cost happily.

So, to just make you aware of the tactics of bargaining like a pro in India, you need to know the following feedaddy:
Do not hesitate to ask the price while ignoring the price tag

Visiting one shop only and guessing the price will not get you the feel for the cost of the good, but if you visit many stores and will ask “Kitne mein doge bhaiya”, then there is a chance to get your desired stuff in your desired price or in approx.

Renegotiate even after knowing the price

Now, that you know the price, you should ask if there is some scope of discount or not. And if the discount is applicable, then there are maximum chances of getting the goods in less than half of the initial price through bargaining.

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Be the morning customer

Always remember that if you can get up early in the morning then running to market as the first customer can be a successful experience for you. The shopkeeper will give you the best price to get your business.

Buy more get cheaper

As a general rule, if you wish to buy more quantity, then there are more possibilities of getting the products at the best price. The shopkeeper will be more than happy due to bulk buying and may also give you extra benefits out of it.

Hold your Horses – Hammer at the right time

Do not expose your interest in an item very much! Be indifferent to the product you want by putting all your effort. This trick can turn fruitful to you in every manner.

Be persistent – for better success rate 😉 

The moment you get to know about the price as told by the vendor, start the process of bargaining on the spot by making questions like “Itna jyada Kaun lagata hai bhaiya?” Or “Is par discount karoge?” You can see it by yourself that prices will come down immediately, even though in a small amount. But, you should keep on saying that the rate is still too high. The tables will turn anyhow, and you will be asked how much you are willing to pay.

Time to bottom-up – Bid the lowest possible

Now, you have been given the spot to decide the price, make sure you hit a low price than you are willing to pay for the product.

Walk away can help you win the match at last moment

Step away from the shop, if the vendor doesn’t agree with your demanded price. Generally, these tactics work! You may be called back by the vendor to settle the amount as per your whims. If this is not happening, then you may get an idea that your price is too low. Either you go back yourself and keep bargaining or else find some other shop to buy that particular product or item.

  • Using local language during bargaining can be an ice-breaker.
  • Bargaining is not only the art, but it is the high-stress buster, I would highly recommend everyone to try ones. 

To conclude, always remember that bargaining is not about fighting over the price, but it’s a fun game that has its own set of rules.

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