Before wishing Happy Dussehra, Know Your Own Ravana first

Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashmi, it is celebrated every year in many states of India. ‘Vijay’ means victory and ‘Dashami’ means tenth. Dussehra is one of the famous Hindu festivals, celebrated on the last day of Navratri. It signifies the victory of good over bad. The word Dushera is rooted from the Sanskrit words “Dasha” and “Hara” which mean “ten” and “conquer” respectively. Dushera is celebrated on the 10th day of Ashvin month, which falls in the Gregorian months of October or September.

Importance of Vijyadashmi 

In India, Dussehra celebrations embrace colossal burning statues of Ravana, his son Meghnad and his brother Kumbhakaran. This is completed to signify the victory of Lord Rama and also the triumph of good over bad. Another essential part of Dussehra celebrations is Ram Lilas plays. Ram Lilas begin at several places some days before Dussehra. Numbers of people gather in huge numbers to see plays, skits, and musicals revolving around some of the most impressive episodes from Ramayana the Hindu epic.

Tricky Truths Happy Dussehra Religion and Spirituality

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Present Scenario of Dussehra

Amidst carousing, it is also important to keep in mind the environment and air pollution in particular. With the increasing levels of air pollution in cities, it is important to realize that burning statues can contribute to the deterioration of air quality. It is also vital to avoid using firecrackers as they are one of the foremost contributors to air pollution.

People use to flare Raavan at Dussehra, but first of all, everyone needs to look at their inner self and try to demolish the qualities similar to Raavan.  Raavan was aggressive and arrogant; he was also an extraordinary scholar.

Tricky Truths Happy Dussehra Religion and Spirituality

Similarly is someone got knowledge or power they become egoist and aggressive this need to be controlled? To show his power and supremacy Raavan kidnapped Sita, but he kept her untouched.  Raavan introduced himself as a relative of Brahma. Mandodari’s father the influential Mayasur later felt cheated.

One Should Avoid The Mistakes Which Can Harm Humanity And Surroundings

This Dussehra lets make it a resolution to demolish negative thoughts and downbeat behavior and glorify humanity. Generally, there are two types of pessimistic influential factors which are as:

  • Ravana within us to fight with

Tricky Truths Happy Dussehra Religion and Spirituality

These negative factors are harmful to human being itself and his life or personality. Some of them are listed below:
  1. Ego and Aggression: Confidence is healthy, but the ego is destructive. Too much ego can kill the talent; it can destroy the career, the relationships, and happiness. Too much ego can ruin the complete life.
  2. Negative Thinking and Over Thinking: Negative Thinking and Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness can create chronic stress. It upsets the hormone balance of body, depletes the brain chemicals needed for happiness, and damages the immune system.
  3. Laziness: Laziness can lead to a complete failure in a person’s life. The biggest factor of laziness is that we don’t understand its ill-effects on the correct time, and afterward person can only regret. Laziness not only leads to psychological disorders but it also affects our body and health.
  4. Selfishness: Selfishness includes searching for your well-being in ways that do not substantially and directly involve other people. Even mere emotional manipulation can have devastating long-term consequences.
  • Defeat the Ravana pervaded in society

These negative factors are harmful to society and human being itself. Some of them are listed below:

Tricky Truths Happy Dussehra Religion and Spirituality

  1. Theft and Robbery: In general, it has a profound impact on victims; it can lead to mental distress, including fear, irritation, and depression.
  2. Sexual Harassment: The effects of experiencing sexual harassment can be intense, and can range from uncomfortable to devastating.
  3. Corruptions: Impact of crime is very hard on society. Corruption is more of defaming and awkward condition than being problematic.

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Be your own Rama

Now is the huge time to take a step forward and be your own Lord Rama. Raavan is not the myth anymore. It is the feeling and emotion that run in the veins of people. The leading man might be dead, but there is still so much that we need to fight against. Let us join hands and fight the evil in our heart together.

Earlier, it was Lord Rama who was able to bring back Sita from the clutches of evil. Now, the girls don’t require a knight in shining Armour, if they have a sword, they can fight off every single evil present on earth.

Tricky Truths Rama Religion and Spirituality

Hence, the festival of Dussehra symbolizes a great spiritual and traditional value, and it is one of the most important festivals for Hindus. This Dussehra doesn’t recite the story but make your own story and promote the victory of good over evil. The festival unites populace from different backgrounds, and so the flare for Dussehra should continue to destroy the evil for years and years to come.

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