Big Challenge for Imran Khan to Change Pakistan’s Fate against All Odds

The victory speech of new pm of Pakistan, Imran Khan, may have raised hopes in Pakistan as many leaders do across the world when they sound idealist and authentic in their maiden speeches.

Imran Khan offered simplistic solutions to complex issues as if everything would fall in place once he becomes the PM. They were similar to his claim that the moment the US stopped drone strikes, Taliban would melt away.

Problems are everywhere:

Internally, the first question Imran Khan will experience would be allegations of manipulation of the election. This is not a big deal in Pakistan.

The losing facet has invariably created such allegations. Imran Khan did the identical in 2013, even launched a sustained campaign. So, he’s visiting get a style of his medication.

Challenge for imran_Politics_trickytruths

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While the Pakistan citizens ought to be counseled for defeating radical Islamic parties, what immensely hurt these outfits is lack of adequate support from the army of Pakistan that threw its weight behind Imran Khan.

This is an honest sign. Even Maulana Fazlur Rehman of Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal lost each seat in his home turf of Dera Ismail Khan in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa.

One should say that as of currently there’s no concrete proof of manipulation on election day by the Army of Pakistan and in any case, recalcitrant parties are firmly restricted by the political wing of ISI. Ex Pakistan prime minister, Nawab Sharif and his candid daughter have created an example. The economy of Pakistan is the next massive challenge for the current PM. It can’t be dealt with while not addressing the considerations of the worldwide community.

Bankrupt Pakistan and Foreign bits of help:

Pakistan desires foreign investment and financial backing. It’s a return on to the grey list of UN’s monetary Action Task Force for non-compliance on terror funding. The participation of Hafiz Muhammad Saeed of the prohibited Jamaat-ud Dawa in elections can solely build matters worse.

Challenge for imran_Politics_trickytruths

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Finally, it boils all the way down to wherever and during which direction Khan desires to require Pakistan. If the concept is to emerge as a liable member of the international community, then it’s to alter its security paradigm, notably towards India and the Islamic State of Afghanistan. He can’t simply hide behind the farce created by the army of Pakistan on India.

Will he ignore clash with army chief:

If khan tries to move away from the narrative of the army on regional ‘jihad’, he may threaten the same consequences as Sharif. Rooting out bribery and fraud was Imran Khan’s main voting plank. How will he tackle with ‘legitimated’ sleaze by the army of Pakistan, their luxurious lifestyle and uncertain land acquisition forces?

Challenge for imran_Politics_trickytruths

Pakistan wants absolute control and leadership to change the path in which the nation is heading. It is a rising assignment, where, outspokenly, the excellence of Imran Khan in cricket will be of slight use.

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