Bigg Boss – The Top 5 Controversial Contestant

Bigg Boss Reality show of controversial celebrities 

Bigg Boss the house of near about 12 contestants for around 90 days. Some stars, some ordinary men or women, come down to earth, some raging furiously, the house owns all. One of the most loved and heated shows of the decade, Bigg Boss is a house that locks controversies. Besides being one of the most watched reality show, Bigg Boss hails in fame for both good or bad reasons.

Bigg boss controversy

King and queens of controversies  in Bigg Boss

KRK – Kamaal R Khan: The ideal man of Bigg Boss 3. KRK because of his furious attitude gained immense popularity. Also a subject of controversy, KRK indulged into a fight with the TV fame Rohit Verma. Not just did he abuse but also diced forward to hit him with a glass bottle. However, the bottle hit Shamita Shetty. Bigg boss took a significant step to eliminate him in the middle of the show.

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Bigg boss controversy

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Swami Om: Who does not know him. The Baba of the house. BB10 saw a massive induction of the so-called Baba. The pita-beti Rishta between the baba and a woman Priyanka might instigate interest. But as the show progressed, we saw a different face of Swami Om. From hiding apples in the loo to stealing items of woman intimacy, he managed to gain a lot of attention. Bigg Boss threw him out of the house after he was found to throw pee on the fellow contestant Bani. He also choked TV star during a task and in turn, he slapped him.

Bigg Boss Controversy

Priyanka Jagga: Another Controversial contestant of BB10 was Priyanka Jagga. She rose to her limits in the first week itself. A task that told all the contestant to sit on a horse and drink water regularly. She chooses to pee in public stating she could not control it. It did not end here. We all saw here fighting furiously with the host Salman Khan. Because of all these, she was evicted from the show.


Bigg Boss Controversy

Dolly Bindra: The furious lady. She had a slogan Baap Pe Mat Jana. Bigg Boss season 4 echoed with the voice of Dolly Bindra. Her aggression and the abusive remarks on the fellow contestant Manoj Tiwari made her famous overnight. They both went into a massive fight because of eggs mishap in the kitchen. She also went into a physical battle with Shweta Tiwari. All this boiled up a fellow contestant who was convinced to evict her from the house. Baap Pe Mat Jana!

Bigg Boss Controversy


Imam Siddique: One of the most Controversial contestants of Bigg Boss appeared in season 6 as well as 9. He urged a fellow contestant wearing a nude bodysuit. Just a jockey that covered his essential fell in some time. This created mishap and people got scared. Also, he took to breaking the kitchen wear to threaten other people in the house. And once again came the voice :

Big boss 12 is broadcasting as a new season, let’s wait and watch for more controversies. 

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