Biodiversity Conservation: A Big Issue For Human Race’s Revival

Biodiversity is the key reason why humans exist in this world. They need to realize the importance of this life-driven concept. From many decades, the damage on biodiversity is being experienced and it is impacting the whole environment. Humans are using resources so randomly that they are degrading continuously.

Resources such as human population, utilization of natural factors (land, water, air, etc) are the big factors in the degradation of habitats. Most of the human beings are not realizing this aspect and their actions are continuously hurting the natural resources of our planet. Instead of preserving them and maintain the stability in the atmosphere, they are still continuing to deplete them.

Importance of Biodiversity & Its Impacts

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The term biodiversity is relatable to the existence of life on Earth in various forms. These life forms include humans, plants, animals, and other organisms. The diversity of these life forms need to consistent and should be routinely handled within a cycle.

Biodiversity is defined by a lot of factors such as the utilization of natural resources, existence and depletion of species, environmental factors, ecosystems, and many more. However, most of the natural resources are utilized by humans for the betterment of their life. But they don’t recognize their aftereffects which will directly impact biodiversity.

One of the best examples of biodiversity degradation is ozone layer depletion. Humans are using resources to make new equipment and hardware systems that exert harmful gases. These gases are affecting the atmosphere, and most of the dangerous ones are impacting ozone layer with their impacts.

It’s important to stabilize the earth’s atmosphere and its resources, but only a few humans are realizing this necessary pointer. The circumstances will be really different if there is no diversity, as there will be no population or existence of species.

Human Actions

There are uncountable instances that can represent how human actions are impacting the degradation of diversity. Humans are making numerous efforts to utilize resources and make this world better and convenient.

The problem is these efforts are affecting natural resources and they are not realizing it. Almost one-third of the human population is affected by these impacts and the minimum population is making effort to overcome this huge problem

In the near future of about 40 to 50 years, it can be seen that humans will be impacting almost 70-80% of land utilization in many countries. There will be immense over consumption of resources and the atmosphere will be exhausted.

Another problem is the increase in the human population. More the population is more is the utilization of natural resources. This will directly impact biodiversity and may result in the extinction of many species due to the depletion of ecosystems.


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We need to understand the concept of biodiversity if we want our plant to sustain its natural resources and existence of species. Humans are making efforts to make their lives better, but they should also recover the damages that are occurring during this process. That is how we can save the degradation of biodiversity on this planet. Other than this, there are no shortcuts when it comes to biodiversity. It is a huge challenge that we have to cover so that we don’t lie up in between a mess. The mess is piling up due to the human activities and also due to the decision that we made. So, it is our responsibility to eliminate it.

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