California Sky Dazzles After The Successful Launch Of SpaceX Reusable Rocket

It’s the West Coast Launch and Falcon 9; the reusable rocket has successfully landed.

TrickyTruths-SpaceX Reusable Rocket launch

Sunday night, people in California turned awestruck because they viewed lights shining in the sky. Some considered it as the indication of Aliens preparing to land. But wait, it’s the SpaceX Launch, someone contradicts

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Elon Musk’s First West Coast Land- Reusable Rocket

Elon Musk’s SpaceX dazzled the skylight post its launch. Besides,  Tearing apart the darkness, the light was more of a startling sight. The Falcon 9 is the first reusable rocket to make its presence on Earth. An initiative to reuse rockets to reduce its cost is finally successful.

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The Falcon 9 – Reusable Rocket

The reusable rocket launched late on Sunday night from the Air Force Base of California’s Vandenberg. It is about 158 miles (254 kilometers) north of Los Angeles. It aims to deliver the radar satellite of Earth-observation SAOCOM-1A into the orbit for the national space agency of Argentina. The mission is now a success and what made this more mesmerizing is the view. Also, the sight of the rocket striking the dark blurry night sky, the two-stage set apart the craze of the spectators.

Some of the spectators took to share their breathtaking view. Many uploaded pictures and  alsoa videos of the launch on Twitter and social media.

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