Cars Swept Away After Cloudburst Triggers Flash Floods In Dharamshala

Cars Swept Away After Cloudburst Triggers Flash Floods In Dharamshala



Heavy rain has lashed Mcleodganj and nearby areas

A cloudburst in Dharamshala has triggered a flash flood, washing away vehicles and causing damage to properties in the Bhagsu Nag area. Several videos have been shared by locals as well as the authorities, including SHO Mcleodganj Vipin Chaudhary, on Twitter. A 37-second clip, shared by news agency ANI, shot from the balcony of a building, shows dreadful visuals of a huge amount of water gushing rapidly through the parked vehicles. A few seconds into the clip, an SUV is seen being uprooted by the water but blocked by other vehicles, bundled together by flash floods.

People capturing these visuals could be heard screaming at the sight of a huge SUV being washed away. Once the car was blocked by other vehicles, one of them said: “Now, no car will go beyond this.” Others expressed shock at the sheer amount of water coming from the other side.

Heavy rain has lashed the Kangra district, 58 km from Dharamshala, throwing life into disarray. The rapid pace at which the water was flowing transformed — in no time — a brook in Bhagsu Nag, which is a tourist attraction, into nothing short of a river. Some of the hotels in the area have reported heavy damage. The cloudburst and flash floods have instilled fear in people and also caused commotion and confusion.

Besides Kangra, several other districts in Himachal Pradesh have also witnessed heavy rain after days of hot weather. The Monday downpour brought respite but caused a lot of damage too.

Another video shared by a Twitter user showed the magnitude of flash floods. The person recording the video is heard saying, “This is live from Dharamshala. A cloudburst has taken place. The visuals look scary as tiny houses in the background appear to be at the risk of being washed away in a while if not immediately.

Heavy rain has lashed Mcleodganj and nearby areas at a time when tourists from different parts of the country have thronged the hill station.

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