Cat fight! Young girls kick each other in middle of street, video goes viral | WATCH

Viral videos are one hell of entertainment dose in hectic lives. We must have seen street fights where boys/ men are involved in a fist exchange. But in a new development, a video has gone viral where a crazy fight broke between a group of girls in the middle of a street. It’s not known where the video is from, but the video has gone viral, and people are curious to know the reason behind this ugly brawl.

The video shows three young girls, sporting modern crop tops and denim jeans with sneakers, aggressively charging at each other and kicking each other. After a few seconds, the third girl exits the scene, and the two girls left behind, continue the fight as they continue kicking and punching each other in addition to pulling hair as well. Meanwhile, onlookers standing at the end of the lane watch the fight from a distance. Surprisingly, the video gets a piece of background music from a popular Mahabharat serial. 

The video has gone viral on social media, and users are pouring all sorts of funny comments. The video has received more than 7,000 likes.

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