China Has Just Opened The Longest Sea Bridge In World

Xi Jinping the Chinese President finally opened the longest sea-crossing bridge “Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge” in the world. On Tuesday at an event in the southern town of Zhuhai, he inaugurated the bridge.

This megaproject worth $20 billion it further connects China with the semi-sovereign territories. The main areas of Hong Kong and Macau, with a 34-mile (55-kilometer) road bridge that has been in the mechanism. It is over nine years that the work was going on.

This Longest Sea-Crossing Bridge a major element of the strategy of China for a Greater Bay Area. It is casing 21,800 square miles (56,500 square kilometers) of southern China and encircling 11 cities. The cities are counting Hong Kong and Macau, that is home to a united people of 68 million.

Xi said in his second-long speech “I declare the Zhuhai — Macau — Hong Kong Bridge authoritatively open,.” It is before a massive display screening the bridge.

China Longest Bridge in the world Tricky Truths latest News

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The broadcast was greeted with a  round of applause from the numbers of guests in attendance. It includes the political leaders of Macau and Hong Kong, Fernando Chui and Carrie Lam, and Li Xi the Guangdong Party Secretary.

The Longest Sea-Crossing Bridge will open to the natives for the first time soon. The date is 24th October 2018 that is on Wednesday for the grand opening.

The Longest Sea-Crossing Bridge Offers Better transport links

Supporters of the Longest Sea-Crossing Bridge say it will considerably cut ride times between the cities. It has enabled tourists and commuters to move easily around the area.“With the bridge, the traveling time between the Western Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong region will be shortened extensively, thereby conveying the Western Pearl River Delta areas inside three hours’ vehicle drive from Hong Kong,” Frank Chan the transport secretary of the city, said on Friday.

China Longest Bridge in the world Tricky Truths latest News

Regardless of focus on journey time nevertheless, personal car owners in Hong Kong will not be able to cross it. The sea-bridge requires a particular permit to cross it that is making it difficult. Most car drivers will have to park their cars at the Hong Kong port. Then, they have to switch to special hire cars or a shuttle bus. However, this process, once they are through colonization, is daunting. Shuttle buses charge $8 to $10 for a solo trip depending on the time of daylight or night hours.

Opponents are trying to point the restriction and demanding Hong Kong for the mission. Also, they are asking for the competition from enhanced rail links and the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge. The bridge will complete around in the year 2024, is expected to slice down the traffic on the Zhuhai link by more than 25% within two decades.

For opponents of the Chinese administration, the sea bridge is seen as a device to heave Hong Kong which boasts a semi-autonomous legislature and sovereign judiciary, closer into the grip of Beijing.

“It connects Hong Kong to China just like an umbilical cable. You observe it, and you know you are linked up to the native land.”

China Longest Bridge in the world Tricky Truths latest News

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Gigantic engineering effort

Built to endure an earthquake up to the magnitude of 8 and, a super typhoon smashes and hits by giant-sized cargo vessels; the sea-bridge includes 400,000 tons of steel that are  4.5 times the amount of the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco.

China Longest Bridge in the world Tricky Truths latest News

It also incorporates a4-mile (6.7-kilometer) waterlogged tunnel to help it evade the hectic shipping pathways over the Pearl River Delta. The channel runs between two synthetic islands, each measuring 1 million square feet (100,000 square meters) and located in relatively superficial waters.

While a remarkable engineering feat, the construction of the bridge brought its arguments. The Pearl River Delta is residence to the population of dying out Chinese white dolphin that has been banged by enormous land repossession efforts in Hong Kong and other places.

Conservation experts previously told the authorities they feared the bridge, as well as the current expansion of Hong Kong airport, could be the ultimate nail in the coffins of dolphin, sending the native population into incurable decline.

Longest Sea Bridge_trickytruths

The Longest SeaCrossing Bridge has attained massive attention in social media, twitter, and many more platforms.

The esteemed newspaper The New York Time tweeted about its capacity, construction, and its main objectives.

Anna Fifield, the bureau chief of Beijing also made several updates on the opening of the bridge.


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