Chirag Paswan expresses strong reservation on uncle’s inclusion in PM Modi’s Cabinet

Chirag Paswan
Image Source : ANI

Chirag Paswan

Expressing his strong reservation over the inclusion of his uncle into Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Cabinet, Lok Jan Shakti Party (LJP) leader Chirag Paswan on Wednesday again reiterated that Pashupati Kumar Paras is no longer a member of the party.

“The Prime Minister’s right to include anyone in his team is respected. But as far as the LJP is concerned, Paras is not a member of the party. Taking note of his activities like trying to break the party, if he is made minister as part of his splinter group, the LJP has nothing to do with it,” the Chirag said.

“The LJP today filed a plea in the Delhi High Court against the Lok Sabha’s Speaker’s initial decision to recognise Paras as the LJP’s Parliamentary Party leader,” he tweeted.

In a party coup last month, Paswan was removed as LJP President by some rebel MPs, including Paras. He retaliated by expelling his uncle and four other MPs.

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