Cyclone Titli hits Odisha, High Alert In West Bengal

After a huge loss in Indonesia by Tsunami, Cyclone Titli has knocked India’s coastlines. The high alert situation is announced at all the affected areas. People are getting shifted to the safer areas to save the lives. Around 300000 people evacuated from the riskiest areas.

  • Cyclone Titli: Gorakhpur Of Odisha noticed a wind at a speed of 126 kph when the Andhra Pradesh Kalingapatnam witnessed wind speed of around 59 KMPH.
Major Highlights : 

  • Massive Hit By the cyclone In Odisha, Andhra Pradesh.
  • NDRF, Odisha disaster relief teams positioned in vulnerable districts
  • Cyclonic Titli is a severe cyclonic storm.
  • Flights & Trains Suffer Delay
  • Trees Uprooted, High Alert in Areas adjacent to the  Bay Of Bengal.
News: Cyclone Titli

TrickyTruths-Cyclone Titli

Reportedly the cyclone Titli has hit the coastal areas of the state of Odisha. The storm has a huge intensity, and strong winds and rains accompanied. Titli aka butterfly landed in the district of Gorakhpur between 4:30-5:30. Around 3 lakh people evacuated. Trees and electric poles de-rooted.


Major flight and train routes hampered. Many airlines called off their flights routed to Bhubaneswar using to the Titli aftermath. An intense cyclonic depression struck the coast at a surface speed of 140 km to 150 kmph, the weather department confirmed. The weather department expects the cyclone to head towards the West Bengal and with a gradual decline in speed.  

Destruction Of Cyclone Titli

No casualties found till now. No reports suggest damage to several parts of the state. However, BP Sethi, the Commissioner of special relief said that minor damage took place in districts of Ganjam and Gajapati.


Also, the telephone lines and electric supply is cut off. Also, the road lines suffer huge traffic. Several trees uprooted and many mid house destruction. 

The cyclone has just hit, and the process of landfall is a start. Heavy rainfall and massive wind hit few areas of Ganjam and Gajapati. 

Tsunami In Indonesia – A huge loss to human life

CM Call – Cyclone Titli

The Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, who traced the situation after the warning of the cyclone yesterday, instructed the collectors of the districts of Puri, Ganjami, Khurda, Kendrapara, and Jagatsinghpur to opt for prompt evacuation of all living in the low-lying areas adjacent to the coastal belt.

The Odisha government, on the other hand, affirmed that it is ready to come with a flood caused due to cyclonic depression. Evacuation process is successful. The government has shifted people safely. Pregnant women moved to the hospital safely.


The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and the Orissa Disaster Rapid Action Force are active in vulnerable districts to keep track of the situation and take necessary actions.

“We have not yet sought the help of Army. If required we may go for it,” an official said.

Another official said: We have sent an alert to the Air Force and also, the Navy about the situation.

Though the hit has no casualties yet the government is prepared for all that come. Let’s stay updated and see where does this cyclone sets?



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