Dilip Kumar passed away in presence of his wife Saira Banu, reveals Faisal Farooqui

Dilip Kumar

Dilip Kumar passed away in presence of his wife Saira Banu, reveals Faisal Farooqui

Legendary Bollywood actor Dilip Kumar passed away in Mumbai on Wednesday. The 98-year-old breathed his last at Hinduja Hospital where he was admitted after reportedly complaining of breathlessness. Kumar’s wife Saira banu had been with him throughout. One of the most celebrated couples of Bollywood, Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu were married for 54 years and the later remained Kumar’s devoted companion till his last day. 

Dilip Kumar’s close family friend and aide Faisal Farooqui and Dr Jalil Parkar on Wednesday shared that the legendary actor passed away in the presence of his wife Saira Banu, other family members and doctors.  ​Dr Parkar, who had been treating Dilip Kumar at the Hinduja Hospital, said that the actor had a very peaceful ‘passing away.’ 

“His health was improving, but we can understand that at an age of 98 after a prolonged illness, things can turn any moment. He had a peaceful passing way, and we all pray that his soul rests in peace in heaven,” Dr Parkar said in a statement.

Further, Farooqui shared that Saira Banu has loved the late icon till the time she has known herself. He also revealed how Dilip Kumar was introduced to social media. 

Talking about how Saira Banu is coping, Farooqui shared: “Saira bji nd Sahab have been married for more than I would say almost 55 years. She has loved Dilip Kumar till the time she has known herself (Saira ji jab se paida hui hain Dilip Kumar ko mahobatt karti hain).”

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“So, 55 years of marriage and she has stood by him in all the ups and downs of life that comes with 55 years of marriage. Rock solid, always there. I think they are the most loving couple and couple goals that you can imagine. One can learn from them,” he concluded.

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