Dogs are Man’s Best friend, but Is Man for Dogs?

Rightly said – Dogs are man’s best friend. Agree?

Well most of us do. But, do we treat them the way we should?

  • Do we respect dogs?
  • Or, do we give them the required attention?
  • Do we feed them properly?
  • Do we take care of them?

To sum up, is the man the best friend of dog?


As of now, you call can guess or predict yes of no but facts would be revealed only after you read till the end!

Dog – Man Best friend


Why dogs? I mean what’s so interesting about them? Dogs are super cute. Whether they run behind you, crave for food, bark to plead you to take them to walk or greet as you enter a home. They are the most adorable breed of all. Besides, being a lifesaver, they are also a helper or a protector, dogs are the man’s closest companion.

The most loyal, if you love him, he would give it back in leaps and bounds. Dogs are different from all. A sense of love, warmth, and also affection all in one breed. A simple tail wagging could make you simple even if your day was worse. You will always find them lying by your side. If you are in your bed they will follow you there even. When you are out, they run behind to be with you. If you don’t see them for days, they turn sad and yes they too have teary eyes. So much love, so much care even humans lack these.

Meet Them


They are best for the good and worse for the bad!

They are dogs

Man’s Best Friend

But, have you ever wondered how do some men treat dogs??

The Rage Humans Have For Dogs

Irrespective of what dogs do, often try to trace the way we treat them. Some beat them, keep them tied all day. Many do not take care of their pets, no food no place to sleep etc. We see them loitering in the streets, weak and lean. Many times, dogs die due to a car accident, have you ever thought why?


Just because they are not the so-called humans and fall under the human category, you slay them. Who gives you the right to hit them? There are many cases of killing or slaughtering dogs.

  • Beating them
  • Keeping them tied up
  • Not feeding them properly
  • Leaving them without water

Starving Dog - Animal Kingdom

Government Initiative

Under the Animal Welfare Act, duty has relied on people who keep animals and are expected to do the following.


  • Give them a suitable environment.
  • Feed with proper diet
  • Protect them from pain or any disease.
  • They should exhibit normal behavior.

Do dogs have taste buds?

A ride to what goes wrong?

You might often encounter a dog while walking on the road or crossing a path. Imagine the way you react.


Either you would just walk at your pace, or you would fidget a bit!

Now suppose the dog approaches you!

A sudden adrenaline rush and you turn fierce. Either you start running or swaying him off.

Sounds good!

But what if he is aggressive and leaps towards you?

You are definitely going to hit him.


Yes, right. Now backtrack. Who is wrong? You or the dog?



It was you who tried to show aggression and so they took charge. Had you kept calm, the dog would never leash on you.

It is as simple as this, if you like dogs, love them and give them all they need. Play with them, hold them, have fun, go out and be with them. Give them the love which you want.

Dogs are man’s best friends only if you be theirs

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