Dolly Khanna portfolio stocks: Check share recommendations for long and small term investments

New Delhi: Dolly Khanna is one of the top investors in the Indian stock markets who have been successfully minting money via her investments in small and mid-cap stocks. The Chennai based investor started her stock market journey in 1996, and currently holds a portfolio worth reportedly around Rs 250 crore. Rajiv Khanna, who is the husband of Dolly, manages her portfolio which is typically focused on stocks in manufacturing, textile, chemicals and sugar industries. 

Taking note of her portfolio, many investors in India place their bets on the stock market for both the long and short term. We have selected a few stocks from her portfolio which investors can look out for in the coming months and years. 

Dolly Khanna long term stocks

1. Rain Industries 

Rain Industries is of the few stocks that still found a place in Khanna’s portfolio. While she has sold a small stake in the chemical manufacturer, the stock still appears to be promising. In the past five years, shares of Rain Industries have jumped by 551% in the past five years. 

2. Asahi Songwon Colors 

Khanna has recently bought Asahi Songwon Colors. This could mean that the stock could give promising returns in the long term. In the past one year, the stock has given 136.6% returns to the investors. 

3. Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers

Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers is one of the stocks recently bought by Khanna. However, she slightly trimmed her stake in the firm in June 2021. In the past one year, the stock has given a 123% return. 

4. Neuland Laboratories

Khanna has also recently picked a stake in Neuland Laboratories in March 2021. The stock has offered a 331% return in the past year. 

Dolly Khanna Short term 

1. Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances 

Dolly Khanna’s investment in Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances has surged by 450% in the past year. Stock market experts are hoping that the rally will further extend in the coming months. 

2. KCP Ltd. 

KCP is one of the stocks in which Dolly Khanna has increased her stake in March 2021 to 3.3% from 2.5% in December 2021. In the past year, the stock has offered 161.51% returns. Also Read: Won’t compel users to accept privacy policy till data protection bill comes into effect: WhatsApp tells HC

3. NCL Industries 

NCL Industries is also of the few stocks in which the marquee investor has increased in its stake in the past few months. In the past year, the stock has provided a 190% return to its investors. Also Read: Big relief for Supertech! Supreme Court drops initiation of contempt proceedings

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