Donald Trump Says “India Will Soon Find Out”

Donald Trump Says: India Will Soon Find Out!

  • India Russia Meet Signed S-400 deal at $ 5 billion to purchase the Triumph Air Defence System.
  • US president states: “India Will Soon Find Out” on the decision to purchase the same.
  • As per the CAATSA, only US president has the authority to issue a waiver to India on weapons deal with sanctions-hit Russia.
US seems to be agitated after signing S-400 deal


Washington: US President Donald Trump on Wednesday gave a statement that India “will soon find out” about his decision on the punitive CAATSA sanctions after signing a $5 billion deal to purchase from Russia, the much-vaunted S-400 air defense system.

As per the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act or CAATSA sanctions, amended this year, only US President (Trump) has the power for the presidential waiver to India on a lot of weapons with sanctions-hit Russia.


India has inked a $5 billion deal to buy the specific S-400 defense system from Russia. The deal was signed a couple of days back when Russian President Putin visited India for the annual summit.

During a conference, when asked about the deal, US president Donald Trump said

India Will Soon Find Out

Again a reiteration and he claimed, “India Is Going To Find Out.”

The reporter asked again: When?

And the statement: You Will See, Sooner Than You Think

Mr. Putin & Modi annual meet – A Relationship Between Warmth and Affection

Controversy In US President & State Secretary

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was also in the room when Trump answered the question on CAATSA sanctions. Pompeo was scheduled to meet the president later.

Pompeo and Defence Secretary James Mattis argued about the case for the provision of waiver to India.

The last week, the White House stated that the presidential waiver of US on weapons deal with sanctions-hit Russia has the motive to “wean off” countries as India off the Russian equipment.

“The (CAATSA presidential) waiver is narrow, intended to wean countries off Russian equipment and allow for things such as spare parts for previously-purchased equipment,” a White House National Security Council Spokesperson had said after the conclusion of the S-400 contract.

The spokesperson of the US embassy in New Delhi stated that the CAATSA aims at Moscow.  It is not focused to deter the military capabilities of its “allies and partners.”

Though India has signed the deal, what the US does now is worth seeing.

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