Expert’s Tips: On Diet Management Before And After Karwa Chauth Fast

There is always a craze for the Karwa Chauth fast in the Indian Wives, especially newlywed brides. Brides get to practice all the traditions, which they have seen from long. According to the customs, the bride eats early morning, before the first light of the sun, the food items were given by her mother- in- law, after which she does not have anything. She is not even permitted to drink water throughout the day. At night after the moon rises she will follow some customs and then only she can have water and food.

Karwa Chauth Fast

Special Occasion For Married Couple

Nowadays, many husbands keep fast for their wives and wish for their togetherness forever. This is also a sweet custom, which adds love and gladness in the married life of the husband and wife.

Staying a long time without water and food can result in the weakness of the body, and other health issues which should not be neglected. A complete diet management plan should be considered before and after Karwa Chauth Fast. To offer a best-related solution for this concern, here are the expert’s tips on diet management before and after Karwa Chauth Fast.

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Below is the complete diet plan for the day of Karwa Chauth Fast:

Intakes before sunrise (Early Morning)

  • Breakfast: The breakfast, also known as Sargi, you eat in the early morning before sunrise should be extremely light and not comprises of items that are heavy on the stomach and make you feel lazy and lethargic. Eat a lot of fruits or eatables made up of whole wheat or multi-grains.
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  • Milk items eatables: Including Curd or Cheese (cottage cheese) in the meal before the fast could be an appropriate choice that you would be making. Since these eatables are rich in protein will keep your stomach occupied for a longer period.
  • Dry Fruits and Nuts: Both dry fruits and nuts are a necessity on the menu of the pre-fast snack. By doing so, you are nourishing your body with a host of nutrients that will give you the essential energy for staying away from water and food for the rest of the day.
  • The sweet proportion: Eating sugary eatables in the early morning meal can make the rest of the day a difficult for the fasting person. Eating sweets will make you feel hungry more quickly. To avoid amplified hunger cramps, it is best to limit the eating of sweets.

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Intakes after moonrise:

  • Acidic eatables: Drinking tea or coffee directly after breaking the Karwa Chauth fast can cause a lot of acidity in the body since you have been on an empty stomach the complete day. It can also be the cause of anxiety or discomfort.
  • Protein-rich food: As your body has been deprived of water and food for the complete day it is essential to ensure that you have healthy, protein-rich eatables.
  • Religions and spirituality feedaddy
  • Liquids: To avoid the risk of weakness and dehydration, you must drink a substantial amount of water. Also, juices of fruits and vegetables can be the best way to give instant energy to the body.
  • Oily Food: Eating greasy food on an empty stomach wouldn’t be the perfect way to feed you after a day of fast. The oil might cause acidity and make you feel anxious too.


Enjoy this Karwa Chauth Fast for worship in the healthiest possible way. Eat healthily and live a cheerful life.


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