F1 Season 2018: All About Vettel’s Errors And Hamilton’s Brilliance

F1 Season 2018 has been an amazingly exciting year of F1 racing and with just three races to conclude the season, the eagerness to know the world champion is paramount. Lewis Hamilton is at the doorstep of this fifth world championship title.

He could have sealed it at the US Grand Prix, but Kimi Raikkonen’s splendid win kept his title win at bay. While he would have anticipated ascertaining his title during the US Grand Prix, having to wait for longer would only be irking for the British driver. 

F1 Season 2018: A season dominated by Lewis Hamilton 

2018 has been a season of exciting F1 racing with spectators kept at the verge of their excitement. The season, primarily the last leg of it has belonged to Lewis Hamilton who is on the brink of winning the championship. Lewis Hamilton has 346 points in his ballot which gives him a handsome lead of 70 points over arch rival Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari. 

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Lewis Hamilton is most likely to emerge as the winner of the championship much before the last race, and he was very close to it in the US Grand Prix where he finished third. 

Vettel has paid the price for his errors.

F1 Season 2018_sports_trickytruths

In the ongoing season of F1 racing, German driver Sebastian Vettel has been a butt of castigation and jokes. His romance for errors and crashing has dashed his hopes to be anywhere near winning the title. Both Vettel and Ferrari lost their charm towards the latter half of the 2018 F1 season. With 276 points he stands far behind Lewis Hamilton in the race to the title which is almost over for him. 

Hamilton versus Vettel: a rivalry to die for 

F1 Season 2018_sports_trickytruths

It has been an intense tug of war between Vettel and Lewis Hamilton in this season, but eventually, Hamilton seems to have got the better of Vettel. Hamilton’s fans would be keenly waiting to see him lift the trophy for the fifth time. The two rivals are hardly seen talking with each other, and that keeps the rivalry even more electrifying. 

Kimi Raikkonen has some spark left in him:

F1 Season 2018_sports_trickytruths

Ferrari might have decided to replace Kimi Raikkonen with Charles Leclerc but his performances in this season have been a part of a strong narrative. With a win in the US Grand Prix, he proved that age is just a number. With 221 points against his name, he has shown his mettle on the grids and has been a consistent performer. 

Who is headed where in 2019? 

At the end of the ongoing season, a lot of contracts would come to an end. The next season would see some significant changes and shufflings in the drivers market. 

Daniel Ricciardo left everyone surprised when he decided to move to Renault for the next season against all anticipations of extending his stay at Red Bull. On the other hand, Charles Leclerc will be replacing Kimi Raikkonen as Vettel’s new teammate. Raikkonen will now be racing for Sauber till 2020. Among other significant changes, Red Bull will replace Ricciardo with Pierre Gasly. 

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