“Facebook Has To Appear Before Delhi Panel, But…”: Supreme Court



'Facebook Has To Appear Before Delhi Panel, But...': Supreme Court

Facebook has been asked to appeal before Delhi Assembly’s panel on riots probe.

New Delhi:

Facebook can’t be compelled to answer on the issues of law and order, which are looked after by the central government, the Supreme Court said today as it asked the social media giant to appear before the Delhi Assembly panel in 2020 riots probe.

The Delhi Assembly committee has the “right to seek information on any matter related to peace and harmony without encroaching (the) domain of the central laws,” the top court underlined.

The court, however, made some sharp remarks, and insisted: “Delhi Assembly Panel cannot don the role of (a) prosecuting agency and direct the filing of chargesheet. The statements made by the assembly panel about making Facebook a co-accused in the chargesheet are outside the scope of the panel. The statements are hardly conducive to the fairness of the investigation.”

Facebook officials can choose not to answer questions as they appear before the panel, the court further underlined, while keeping the option open.

“Social media platforms have the power and potential to influence people across the border. Debates on these platforms, like Facebook, have the potential to polarise the society and less informed individuals may not verify the information and take it as gospel of truth,” the court said during the hearing.

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