Freedom In Love: The Value Of Freedom In A Relationship

Freedom is one of the most loved values of mankind. Freedom is also the key to bliss as a famous Indian poet Tulsidas said, “A needy cannot attain pleasure even in his dreams.” Moshe Dayan also added his views “Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.” Fights and wars are the constant part to attain freedom from the despotic ruler and foreign powers. After natives achieve freedom, they develop methods to limit freedom and make laws that take away freedom. So, let’s know about freedom in love to get a new way to live out life.

Freedom in Love

All laws of a realm seek to limit the freedom of the resident. It is a truth that the freer a nation claim to be, the more laws it has to contain freedom.

We often doubt what is so special about freedom that we cannot live with it and we also cannot live without it.

Connection Between Freedom and Love

Connection Between Freedom and Love

If freedom is an excellent aspiration of humankind, love is an even higher requirement for man. Man is the only creature who experiences love in all its manifestations such as, friendship, affection, reverence, lust and so forth. Man is also the only creature who has been able to restrict its liberty by social laws and moral. Every human civilization put some limitations on the freedom. You cannot have more life partners. Also, you cannot have a relationship outside marriage. You cannot cross the road when the light is red. Then it also has, you cannot attack your fellow human being. The list of precincts is endless.

We cannot live without such restrictions. It is impossible to find any civil society that puts no limitation on its people. No society can ever exist without restriction on the freedom of men.

Why are such restrictions required?


The answer seems to be love. If we probe further, we find the all restrictions are due to the love of humanity, particularly the weak one. It is for the love of more human than individual freedom has to be sacrificed. All rules are made so that influential people should not be able to exploit the weak ones. In this way, the human-made laws are different from the provisions of the jungle where the all-mighty is right.

Love has the natural tendency to restrict the freedom. Love is like a binding force that pulls the lovers together restricting their freedom. A man can have any number of relationships with different women if he is not in love. However, once he falls in love, he has to control his relationships else love cannot last. In the same way, if you love your children, you have to necessarily sacrifice your freedom and give your time and resources to your children. Your love for the country needs that you surrender your freedom for the sake of your country.

If a man is same as an atom, love is the bonds which bring many atoms together. It makes molecules that carry constancy in the life of person atom and make molecules which are stable. After that, millions of molecule sacrifice their freedom and become a firm material which makes our body and the planet. Without the sacrifices made by the atoms, there is no hope for the survival of any living individual as even the atom is made of neutrons, protons, and electrons which have sacrificed their freedom to make a molecule.

A balance of Love & Freedom

Therefore, life has to balance freedom and love. Unlimited freedom is like being a molecule of a gas which can travel anywhere on the planet but have no attraction for anyone. It has no takers, and it creates the only repulsion. However, once the molecule sacrifices its freedom, it can take the shape of liquid where its freedom is limited, and its individuality is merged with that of the fluid. However, the particle takes the form of solid only when all molecules give away their absolute freedom to stay together and bring stability.

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