Funny Stupid Reasons: Why Real Couples Break Up?

Everyone has a listing of relationship deal breakers. From disloyalty to criminal activity, there are ample legitimate reasons to couples break up. But, as you will find out, there are also a lot of funny and dumb ones. Maybe you have broken up with someone for a funny reason or been on the receiving end of it.

If accordingly, you know well that Breakups are never cool but false breakups are the absolute worst. However, the funny break-up reasons can leave you laughing out loud.

Curious to know the funny reasons couples used to break up?

Funny Break-up Reasons:


Standard Statements during Couple Argument

Following are some ridiculous reasons why real couples have broken up:

Cooking: Sometimes people want an expert cook as a love partner and maybe that was the main concern for some people. They broke up with their female friends because she didn’t know how to cook scrambled eggs.

Annoying Voice: We say “tah-mato” and you say, “to-mato.” In this case, a man decided to break up with his girlfriend over her annoying voice and placing the emphasis at a bizarre part of a verdict.

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FIFA: Some men like sports more than anything. So, for this a man, when FIFA just came out he completely forgot about his girlfriend. We are amusing it didn’t take stretched for that ship to sail.

New College, New Relation: When you are in high school and a year behind your significant other, sometimes it’s tough to say goodbye as they head off to college. However, for one of the partners, going to other college meant they had to break up.

funny break-up reasons _Relationship_trickytruths

Same Sister’s Name: Sometimes the modest things get in the way of making a relationship effort and that includes particulars names. In this case, a guy couldn’t take it as the fact that his sister had the same name as his girlfriend.

Carabineer: Corny jokes can either make an individual endearing or very irritating. For one of the love partner, the fact that his ex-girlfriend called her belaying carabineer a “beliner-weiner” was enough to call the entire thing off. Yes, this is also a one of the Funny break-up reasons.

funny break-up reasons_Relationship_trickytruths

Unnecessary Arguing: Breaking up for the reason that too much arguing is a quite common thing. In contrast, breaking up because you don’t argue at all is not ordinary. But, that’s what is the normal occurrence with one of the partners. When one claims that his girlfriend believes that he don’t care about the affection enough because he never argued.

Books: Really Books? Unbelievable but true. For some, the number of books a person reads a year is directly connected to their intelligence. After a guy found out his girlfriend didn’t be fond of books, he broke it off. Later, conversely, he regretted it when she was affianced and he was in an inferior relationship.

funny break-up reasons_Relationship_trickytruths

Unwanted Noise: When you want to get relaxed and experience a movie, some quite annoying things can take place like a ringing a mobile phone or a crying kid. For one of the love partner, he couldn’t stand it when his girlfriend chewed popcorn too loudly.

Compliments: We’ve all got diverse love languages. For some, words of avowal and compliments do the opposite than their first intent. That was mainly true for one of the love partners who said she had to break up with her boyfriend because he complimented her too much and was too nice.


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