Ghost valleys of Italy and Spain Reviving Life Through Tourism

Your Ghost Town Heading Towards Extinction?

Learn from The Ghost valleys of Italy and Spain.

Alberghi Diffusi – The Term

Ever heard of it?

Supposedly no!

I have an answer for you. A new concept rather a word given to the idea of transforming crumbled villages of past into beautiful resorts. Empty houses that were haunted and regarded as a place of ghosts is given life. Mingling guest room with the homes of residents of a village is what Alberghi Diffusi is all about.

Ghost town-italy

Wonderful concept!

Facts to Reveal About Ghost Town

A recent survey reveals that presently there are more than 2500 villages in Italy, 300 in Spain and around 8 million buildings are vacant in Japan. Digging a little deeper, we strive to know the reason of ghosting such a massive number of houses.

Surprisingly, we are the reason behind this. Call it the need for higher education or a job offer or the urge to opt for a classy lifestyle; we tend to vacate old houses and mitigate to a new place. The one left behind remain isolated for years before they crumble and turn into ruins of the city.

Giving Life To The Abandoned Towns

Ghost town-revived

It’s been long, and the count is enormous. Places left empty and secluded are now at the eyesight of the hoteliers. They have come up with an excellent idea to transform the remote town into hubs for hospitality. The people in Italy have initiated this and also given a name – Scattered Hotels or alberghi Diffusi.

Some of The Ghost Town Turned Resorts

Matera, the mountain town in Puglia, called as Sextantio is a newly developed town once a ghost town, is again on the list of tourist stay. The hotel has a total of 18 rooms with an exotic ambiance of the surrounding caves. These were earlier the subset of the monastery of Benedictine. As a result of its medieval significance, an array of tourist visit the place from across the globe.  

Ghost town -italy

Similar to the above, Kalopanayiotis in Cyprus also has beautifully recreated by a successful entrepreneur named John Papadouris. The hospitality services in his 40 room hotel and spa is unparalleled. The work done by John was so impressive that the government took to connect with him. They said John to employ a similar project in one hundred and fifteen areas adjacent to the community.

Romania also has done a significant transformation. The owner of the Hotel Maramures Village is decked up with rooms in fours different houses. The hotel provides the facility of breakfast on bed. A place where people are still in the era of horse ride carriages and considered as a ghost town, now restored life.

Standards Set For Alberghi Diffusi

The only rule set up by the Giancarlo Dall’Ara dates back to the year of 2012. He is a hotelier and marketing professor in Italy. Considering the concept of Alberghi Diffusi, he laid down specific stands that every hotelier must follow. Let’s take a quick look:

  • No new property would be touched.
  • The areas must not exceed more than 500 meters.
  • Only separate buildings are the ones reused for reviving life.
  • The hotels must stand by the attainment of socio-economic development.
  • The hotels must have essential amenities along with the facility of breakfast, reception areas and many more.

An initiative that would not just transform ghost town to tourism place, but also provide myriads of a job to the youth. A crisis is now trending everywhere.

A journey to futureGhost town - aerial view

Visiting one of the above sites would be a treat to watch. A journey that would dwell for long. But if we consider a different outlook, then these places are a prelude of future. An exquisite idea to prevent these ghost town from extinction.

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