Ghosted Halloween Costume- Your New Breakup Partner

Dating Apps rule the world. Tinder, Happn find their place in most of our smartphones. With the advent of such trending platforms to find a suitable partner or hitch someone, matchmaking has found a new definition. And with this, there has been a need for code words for each stage in a relationship. The one trending is Ghosting relationship. 

Ghosted Halloween Costume

Where swipe right used to find a match was merely an action. Terms as Ghosting relationship, Haunting and Zombeing underwent major attraction.

Let’s Go For Quick Dating Tour


  • Ghosting: Suppose you have been dating a person for the past few months. A perfect relationship, both are happy. But someday you don’t think it’s working and wish to end the relationship. Now, you don’t want to hurt the person and so decide to ignore. You cut all contacts and just walk away. Better than saying directly. Hopefully yes. Now, this whole act is called Ghosting relationship. 
  • Haunting: Dated, loved, made out and haunted. The love chapter closes for near about four months. And suddenly you notice, your ex-stalking you. Back on Instagram, viewed your snapchat stories and on Facebook too. Butterflies in the stomach but you don’t understand why? Supposedly, you are haunted in your relationship.
  • Zombeing: not over yet. He is not just back in your social life but hola, he tried to connect. The dusky night witnessed a text from him. Shit, You are Zombeing.


Fun, right?

Now, this concept has been over since long but dating keeps trending. So Party City has come up with an excellent halloween costume that is ghosting.

Don’t give weird looks. It’s true.

The Party City Halloween Costume specially designed for women to send to men whom they want to ghost.

Go, ladies, take your call and start ghosting relationship.

What Is Halloween Costume All About?

Halloween gives a chance to fly creativity. Get into a new squad, envision your TV poses, ideas for makeup or even picturize your fantasies. But, this time, it has called for an entirely new concept – The Ghosted Halloween Costume.

Ghosted Halloween Costume


One of the most popular party stores is selling the Party City’s ghosted Halloween costume and of course, people are stunned. A witty replica of the much-used term in dating nowadays. Ghosting  relationship which gracefully species cutting off all contacts with a person you have been dating for long.

The Ghosted Halloween Costume

Purely white with shreds of messages. Ghosted emojis with a jagged line. Short sleeves and a hoodie along. The view of the halloween costume is as five questions that remained unanswered. The first being See You Tonight? 

Followed by a series of texts suggesting a not so happy ending.


As soon as the picture went viral, reflective responses flooded the post. Some thought it was too hilarious while few took it deep. The best answer was by a user. She said: I would send the costume to the person I want and indirectly account for ghosting relationship. You can buy the costume at a price of $24.99 from the website of Party City.

Ghost someone who’s blowing your phone

The description below the product on the website which indicates ghosting relationship.

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You like it or not, but the halloween costume is all set to fire up the couple’s life.

Girls or boys, who own more?



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