Indian consulate in Afghanistan’s Kandahar still open, says governor’s spokesman as Taliban advances

Indian consulate in Afghanistan's Kandahar still open, says governor's spokesman as Taliban advances

New Delhi: Even as India has withdrawn its diplomats from its consulate in Kandahar, the local government has said that the consulate remains open. Speaking to Zee News, Bahir Ahmadi, spokesman of the Kandahar governor said, “Indian consulate is still open. The procedure going very normal”. India has withdrawn its diplomats even as the violence increases as the Taliban makes attempts to gain more territories in the country. 

What is the situation of the Indian consulate?

Bahir Ahmadi: I can assure you that the place where the Indian consulate is located is safe and sound and there is no problem now. But yes, for 4-5 days, the situation was a little bit critical and fighting was just 3 kilometers away from the Indian consulate. Even Pakistan and Iran consulates are located in the same region. We decided, the governor, the chief of police, chief of commando forces, have gone to the area, checked the area, and ensure that there will be no problem, no security issues and all three consulates have no security problem. Due to come circumstances, the Indian consulate has decided that they should take their diplomats to Kabul, and now those diplomats, who were from India are now in Kabul, but local workers, or local staff, are still here and the Indian consulate is still open. The procedure going very normal, anyone can go to the consulate, with no problem and no security issues. 

What about the security of the other two consulates, the Pakistani and Iranian ones?

Bahir Ahmadi: Pakistani and Iranian diplomats are still in the area because we assured them that there will not be any kind of problem. They are still continuing their operations, their missions, but the Indian consulate also consulates continues their normal procedure, normal operation. The Indian diplomats are now in Kabul from Saturday.

What is the situation in Kandahar?

Bahir Ahmadi: As you know, the Taliban attacked five districts, some places in the city but can assure that the central government and the local government are able to control the situation with local forces and central government forces. Several airstrikes were also carried out by our troops in the area. The problem is Taliban has entered local people’s houses, and we can’t carry out air strikes or other operations as it might cause injuries to locals. We are trying to safeguard locals, therefore, our operation is going slowly. In the next seven to eight days, there will be no security issue in Kandahar and the people of Kandahar will be safe and sound.

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