iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max – Features and Specifications


Last year, as people across the globe has just got over with the iPhone 8, Apple announced another revolution in the industry. The iPhone X created a rush in the market. Not just a phone but the all-new era of Apple Inc. The month count was not even 6 post the launch that iPhone X occupied the place of the top-selling model in the Apple world. Once again, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook took the pride to announce its much-hyped iPhone XS and XS max. Few rumors and several last-minute hacks, Apple unveiled a new member in the iPhone family. 21st September 2018 marks the day when iPhone XS and XS max went on sale across the globe.

Reviewing iPhone XS & XS Max

The all-new Apple iPhones have a streak range of hardware options. The quality is so good that you would not find the need to upgrade it for a while. iPhone XS is an improved version of iPhone X whereas XS max takes the entire concept to a whole new world. You might be wondering what separates the formers is its screen size.6.5, the biggest to date.


Now you get the reason why it is XS Max and not an addition to the traditional plus series of former apple models. It can also be justified that since Apple has just entered a new decade, a twist in the name is worth it.

So, cutting the theories lets head towards the pros and cons of the newbies.

iPhone XS -Pros and Cons

Plus (+)

  • Proficient
  • Excellent performance.
  • The iOS 12 is applaudable
  • Improved camera specs
  • Largely durable

Minus (-)

  • Way too expensive.
  • Comparatively poor battery
  • A tweak in design change eliminates your old case.
iPhone XS Max-Pros and Cons

Plus (+)

  • The extra large display
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Camera – best till date.
  • Perfect performance

Minus (-)

  • Not for the middle class, yeah it resembles gold.
  • Apps do not justify the max display.

Summarising The iPhone XS and XS Max

iPhone XS: iPhone X was a trend, and iPhone XS is passion. More polished and progressive, yet the basics remain the same. The older iOS 12 version and similar display. What separates this from its predecessor is the camera quality and an extensively powerful chipset. One of the best choices, only if you are right on a budget.

iPhone XS Max: Not a step but a decade forward, iPhone XS max has an explicitly large and comprehensive view with the 6.5-inch display. More magnificent view of the videos, and to add to it excellent battery life. This is one of the most striking features, yet there ply only a handful of apps that genuinely justify the max size.

Features of iPhone XS and XS Max
  • A12 bionic processor.
  • Exquisitely updated camera
  • Dual SIM
  • Option for an additional 512GB storage
  • Rated IP68
  • Option to adjust a depth of images.

Design and Specifications

Being the S version of the X model, the primary display is same. However, what distinguishes the two from the earlier versions are stated below:

  • A stainless steel body with the most robust glass for rear glass and screen.
  • IP67 to IP68, improving the water-resistant capability. It can endure up to a depth of 2m for 30 minutes.
  • iPhone XS: 143.6×70.9×7.7mm, 177g
    iPhone XS Max: 157.5×77.4×7.7mm, 208g.
  • The Screen size of XS is the same as X, and XS Max took a steep rise to 6.5 inch
  • Resolution of XS is the same as X whereas the XS Max rises to 2688×1242 pixels.

Apart from the above, the battery life has been extended and apple pledges to stand by its words of explicit battery support.

Price of iPhone XS and XS Max

Specifications checked, features ticked, not where most of us stop is the pocket price. How much would either of the two cost you?

Memory   iPhone XS Price  iPhone XS Max Prove 

64 GB.           999 USD                       1099 USD 

256 GB.        1149 USD                   1249 USD

512 GB.         1349 USD                  1449 USD

Both the models are available in colors gold, silver and space grey.

Date Of Release & Pre Orders

People in the US and UK handheld their iPhones on 21st September 2018 because they had pre-ordered the same. The phone is on sale, and you can buy it here.

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max is a set for pre-orders in India at several e-commerce websites. The iphome xs price and iphone xs max price has been unboxed. Flipkart,  Airtel Store, and Jio.com. The iPhone XS price for the variant of the 64GB model is INR 99,900, and the Maximum iPhone XS  price is INR 1,09,900.

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