Iron Man Sardar Patel: The statue of unity is a tribute to the architect of Integrated India

On 31st October 1875, the earth was graced by the first Deputy Prime Minister of our nation, India, Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel. Later on, he becomes famous as Sardar Patel or Iron man of India. The senior leader of Congress, Patel, was also the statesman and barrister. When the country was struggling for freedom, he was one of the prominent figures that made it possible. The primary motive for united India is Sardar Patel due to his integration.

Integration of the Country

Patel faced the most delicate and difficult task after independence was to amalgamate 562 states. It became essential to protect India in a way that it become self-dependent. The iron-handed policy becomes conspicuous during this time to integrate states princely. The national sentiments and patriotic appeal of Patel become the significant factor of the constitution in a democratic world.

He started to make plans and persuading to surrender foreign affairs, defense, and communication. The unification, centralization, and assimilation of states befit the major factor to form a union.

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Patel promotes equality in such a way that can eradicate minority concepts. This helps in maintaining a balance between different communities. The motivation given by Sardar Patel became the lifeline of India and made him the real inspiration. If we become a cent like him, then we will become capable of changing the world.

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The Inspiration for Young Hearts

The life of Sardar Patel is an inspiration in the real sense. Whether it was for the older generation or upcoming generation, It plays a vital role in the advancement and development of young hearts. His integration towards United India again won millions of heart. He was the man of fewer words but what a man he was. Some quotations are still in the heart of millions.

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Some of the inspired thoughts that won hearts are:
  • He believed that women are courageous and can endure much more than man. There is no scope of prosperity until women get rights to education.
  • The young heart has a strong character which reflects the true nature of the nation. Hence, we must decorate it with prosperity and achievement instead of selfishness.
  • To achieve success, you need to focus on character. If a person doesn’t have a role, then it is impossible to succeed in commerce and politics. Then, comes confidence and honesty that are another factor of success. At last, comes fate which only has a small percentage in the hold.
  • Community and caste will disappear with time. However, it is essential that we move to forget while keeping it aside. This will help in enhancing our growth and productivity.
  • The biggest enemy of an individual is idleness.
  • If a person is well-organized and disciplined, then he is already on the verge of winning.
  • Unity is the real strength that we have. The more united we are by heart, the more productive we will aim for. Also, the need for the fight will disappear.

These are just a few of his most significant words that are imprinted on the heart of a young generation. Now, all are working towards the goals set by Sardar Patel to ensure that he is proud of our country which he left four us.

Statue of Unity: The tallest in the world

Just like the man himself, the statue of unity is the sight for eyes. The 182 meters high statue is situated at the Narmada district, Kevadia, in Gujarat. This prominently most top statue is built in the memories of Sardar Patel. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the statue on 31st October to pay his respects to the Ironman.

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In addition to this, the statue of unity is one of the most eye-catching tourist sights even before inauguration. The status also has the gallery that allows 200 visitors to have a view at a single time. Larsen & Toubro spend a lot of time in building this memorial. Next in line is the museum for Sardar Patel. This museum will have his life history and a center for scholar research.

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The Features of Sardar Patel Memorial

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The statue is built in four tiers of Mockup which then follows the three-dimensional art state. Then there are computer and scanning techniques that help in the production. The whole project of Sardar Patel Memorial consists of certain features such as:

  • Audio and Museum Visual Gallery
  • A light, laser and sound show
  • Research center
  • Monumental view of the statue
  • Entertainment and hospitality
  • Ferry services


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