Is A Vegan Diet Compromise on Health?

Recently, many people switched to a strict vegan diet. It could be due to many reasons. Going eco-friendly or incorporating healthy food, vegan is now the new fitness goal. But as the word is trending, people have much concern before this significant shift.

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Listing out few of the concerns people experience before opening door for a vegan diet. You have heard many say that it’s good to opt for a vegan diet, it not just detoxifies your body but is excellent for the environment. But how?

Do you now that the possibilities are enormous but still restrictive!!

Before we answer your queries, do you know what obstruction you are about to face as you decide to turn vegan? Or what is a vegan diet?

 Vegan Diet – A Challenge You Take On Yourself


Cutting down meat is not as easy as avoiding the use of plastics or curbing vehicles to deter pollution. It requires a great deal of strength and a definite grit.

Yes, I don’t know yours, but for me it does. I mean like seriously. You are with your friends, all galloping the exotic meat and the gulpy chicken and you?


Are you either in one corner or at the center to have a heartache?

I can’t even stand that thought, could you?

And this is not the end, and there is more to it.

  • A strict vegan diet might put you high on weight?
  • A vegan diet might be not as healthy as your non-vegan. Less of protein, less vitamin, how are you going to manage this?
  • What if you feel exhausted and tired? Do you need to take up supplements?
  • Will is incorporating a diet be as cheap as the one you’re in now. Yes, vegan is cheap but don’t forget it needs to be healthy too.
  • And what about time? Can you manage the diet in your strict official schedule?
  • And lastly, can you effectively manage all? I mean no drinks, no meat yet a heads diet?

I know you are currently flooded with all these thoughts. But you don’t need to panic. I have an answer for all!

Top 10 tips to achieve beautiful body with Detoxification

And the Resort

You never consider the essential until and unless you experience a drastic shift in your body. And this where we go wrong. It is true that cutting a non-vegan diet would reduce your impact on the ecosystem. Many feel it’s good to go vegan.


A vegan diet could be mostly healthy and unhealthy too. It depends upon you as to what you are feeding your body.

As we step towards a healthy vegan diet, we are always concerned about out protein and nutrient content. But do you think you are meeting those requirements with your meat?

Possibly no!

Supplements are suitable for all. People as hit the age of 50 would need vitamin supplements to have their body function. So, it’s not a dangerous act.


On the cost, a vegan diet can also be cheaper along with the health concerns. In the case of protein, you can opt for chickpeas, lentils,  and hummus. All recommend nits. Yes, they are expensive, but it’s worth spending. And you are cutting money meat, chicken and fish. So, you can very well invest in nuts.

The better you are, the lesser you eat fast foods. Vegan foods are incredibly healthy only if you know how and what. So, choose wisely, and yes you can go for a strict vegan diet!!

All the best!!

But what about lifecycle?

Umm, yes this is a major concern. Like if everyone shifts to a vegan diet, then the food cycle would pause. But this is not the end. You can look for alternatives, stop using plastics instead. You would make a more substantial impact.

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