Is India Safe to travel – Uncoiling The Truth

Often this question has been asked and adviced that India is not safe to travel. People usually believe in what they see in the news and learn from the experience they read through web sources like social media. Yes, there has been some incident happened which make people ask this question but if you will open pages of other “SAFE COUNTRIES TO TRAVEL” you will be shocked by the statistics. The incidents are happening everywhere around the world but just only some countries are being identified as unsafe to travel, and India is one of them.

Is India safe to travel solo


2012, Nirbhaya have undoubtedly created despair and a sense of fear among most of the travelers especially the women. Few days after the notorious incident, a woman narrated her experiences in the British newspaper about her India visit. She exclaimed that while on tour to India, she was a subject of constant groping and stalking. This article portrayed an image of India as a country majorly unsafe for the women travelers. But that was something she faced. So do you think this goes for all? Is India safe to travel?

Is India safe to travel solo

Myths About India Tour

  • Solo Travelers are not safe aka India is not safe to travel solo.
  • The hotter nation
  • The overly populated country.
  • Spicy it is
  • Dirty & Hugely Scattered
  • Nation of Scam

India Travel Myth - Spicy Nation

However, all these rank among the minor myths. The one that is mainly focused and attracts media attention is Safety of women travelers. Do you consider India safe to travel solo ?

The Changing Mindset

India is an incredible country. Diversified culture, tradition, a plethora of people and their customs. All of the above define our country. Tourists love to visit the nation. Because of the oscillating conditions of the society, the mindsets of tourist are changing at an alarming rate. In such a scenario the question is India safe to travel arises in the minds of all.

Travel & Photography - India Gate - Is India Safe

A massive nation has a population of around 1.3 billion is the second in the world. Several tourists have flowed the myth that India is not safe, yes you heard it right!.

Pinched your heart, your country is considered unsafe by many. Can you ensure this fact?

Well, I can’t.

Incidents Of Shame

It is true that there have been shreds of evidence confirming Eve teasing and even sexual assault in India. A tourist reports that during her visit a few years back, she felt obstructed and unpleasant but nothing as such threatening. She was a foreigner and many times men knowingly mislead her. However, she did not seek it as a sign of unsafety.

India travel safety

Another incident sensationalized by media was about an Australian traveler who pointed out a few critical events. She was on a bus and suddenly felt mend rubbing against her. Not only this, continuous stalking and some even clicked her photographs.

A Swiss tourist was sexually assaulted during her camping in MP in front of her husband. Owing to the safety issue in India, father of an Australian traveler compelled her to cancel India tour. Victoria Flannery probed but her father was not in a mood to answer her Is India Safe to travel  solo question.

All of the above are meeting incidences in isolation. But due to media tantrums and overheated arguments, people have developed a different mindset. Travelers are not sure and always juggle around the statement Is India Safe to travel as a woman? 


Foreign Countries Safety Measures

A fact that envisaged all in India where the statement by the Irish government. They consider India unsafe and primarily for the women travelers. The government made a report stating that India is not safe to travel as a women as they are subject to unwanted attention. Public harassment and sexual attraction would be frequent. The government further advised the women tourist to take up india travel safety measures while planning a visit to India.

US government, on the other hand, suggested the women travelers not to opt for solo travel in India. The government stated that sexual assault is common in crowded areas of the nation as streets, busses or local markets

You might consider all of the above as safety measures on their part. And yes it’s okay too. But does it make India or most importantly the Indians proud?

Do you as an Indian think this as a matter of pride? 

Let’s join hand and crumble this myth. So the next time the tourist asks Is India Safe, we could proudly say Yes, India is safe to travel solo. 

Safety Travel Tips For Women Travelers in India
Is India Safe To Travel Solo or with? – A Streak To The Myth

It is, however, true that India needs to redefine gender equality on a fundamental level. Their attitude towards sexual harassment, physical assault, all requires a complete shift. Women should be free to walk around at any point of the day. But all of the above is a fundamental step. Media comments and their way of picturizing an event has aggravated people across the globe.

They view India as a lot more dangerous then it is eventually. Studies reveal that At an interval of 17 seconds,  a woman is harassed in South Africa. You cannot go and say India unsafe. Statistics state that India ranks last in comparison to countries like USA, Canada, and South Africa regarding lousy behavior.

Is India safe to travel solo

Safety while traveling cannot be judged concerning sexual assault stats. Many articles reveal that countries considered as safe have the highest rate of bad behavior towards women.

Sweden is the safest place to visit yet it ranks low concerning happiness index and high in sexual assault.

Still A Myth?

Perceiving in good but not at the cost of a wrong fact. Oxymoron right?

Is India safe to travel

But is true. Do not believe in everything you read. As an Indian, you might think I am defending India but it’s not about a nation, its about safety while traveling. India is indeed one of the best countries to visit; it’s beautiful landscapes, cultures, traditions, food, people and tourist spots are rich to visit. Do not hesitate before you travel to India be alert and keep some caution; I assure that you will remember India in your memories as #incredibleindia. 

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