J. K. Rowling: The writer who diminished the choice-gap between generations with her fantasy world

JK Rowling is one of the topmost authors is the history that gave us a fantastic world of fiction. Harry Potter Series has become a significant game changer in the past. The only source of introduction of this fiction to the real world was JK Rowling. The first installment of Harry Potter was followed by 7 more, and the rest is history. However, what are the main facts that combine Rowling with Harry Potter?

Here is everything that will let you know about the bridge that Rowling crossed and how she reached it.

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JK Rowling Life

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When it comes to Harry Potter and the life of Joanne Rowling, then there are many similarities. The first of all is that their birthday falls on the same day – 31st July. She had some not so happy time during her childhood days similar to Potter. She lived in Gloucestershire in an II grade listed cottage. Also, she doesn’t share a good repo with her family especially father and a sick mother.

The Dementors

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Dementors are one of the most amazing characters and reference in the Harry Potter series. They told us how it felt when there is no happiness. The emptiness is something that no one wants to think for the rest of their lives. These dementors came due to Rowling’s depression phase in which she was all alone. It was the phase when she understands the meaning of loneliness. Hence, it inspired her to add demons as dementors that tend to suck all the happiness. Her biggest dementors were her insomnia that she utilized by writing books.

Evolution of Harry Potter

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While Rowling was on her train to London from Manchester, she wrote down an iconic idea on a piece of napkin in 1990. Hence, we came to know a fantastic view where fiction became a reality. She completes Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, her first book on a typewriter.


JK Rolwing_famous personality_Tricky truths

Fame is not at all easy. This is the witnessed and experienced by Rowling. She was rejected by more than 12 publishing houses and then got her big break. Bloomsburg finally took heeds to her and published her first manuscript as a book if anyone had an idea that it is going to rule the world by becoming the best bestselling book series that no one would have rejected it. On top of that, the last installment of the Harry Potter Series – The Deadly Hollow broke all the records by becoming the fastest selling book.

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Her Push for the book

JK Rolwing_famous personality_Tricky truths

Her mother’s death was the final push that made her complete a book of a child that lived with no parents. However, deep in his heart, the kid knew that his parents loved him and they died for him. However, life is not easy, and the rejection taught her that in a hard way. She suffered from poverty and depression but still kept pushing herself to the maximum. This made her reach where she is today.

A bonafide superhero that added an exciting journey of fiction to our life had a troubled life. Her journey of fame was never easy, and she faced criticism that was demotivating. But fights with all her demons and came out as a definite winner whose name will go down in the history of literature.

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