Jack Ma:The guy who challenged the destiny to create history

If you don’t give up, you still have a chance – Jack Ma

There are very few people in the world who have included their failures as the biggest partner of victory.  They say one can not dream of success without failures. People usually complain about the things which are not right, but only a few think why it is not correct? Such people do not let the wrong things to happen, at first, they observe, then work on it and at last defeat them because they believe in their dreams. Jack Ma has proven to be the most optimist guy ever happened in the world of business. Today the whole World is listening to the guy who failed too much in life. Jack Ma is the guy who challenged the destiny to create history as he believed in his dream and conquered the failures by his hard work. 

Jack Ma Quotes

It doesn’t matter if I failed. At least I passed the concept on to others. Even if I don’t succeed, someone will prevail.”

The glimpse of his Failures

  • Didn’t have a wealthy father
  • Tried 3 times for university. All failed
  • Applied for Harvard for 10 times all failed, they don’t even want to see him.
  • Applied for a job 30 times. All rejected
  • Tried to borrow $3000 from a bank couldn’t get it
  • People said Alibaba is a terrible model
  • For the first 3 years did not even have $1 revenue from business
Jack Ma – The Alibaba Founder 

Jack Ma Success Story

The emerging e-commerce Industry of China – Alibaba is all set to break boundaries. Also, the charismatic founder, Jack Ma is trending as the Richest man in China. Failure has been the fear for most of us during our journey in life and also for Jack Ma. Some stumble and fall and stop, but few like him rise again. Many times we fail to accept failure as an essential part of life and quit upon thinks we have dreamt of. But Jack Ma was not ready to take this. After all,

Failure is better than Quitting.

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Journey Of Jack Ma

Jack Ma started his journey as an English guide who would help the foreigners in the country learn the language. Jack visited the nearby hotels in the city and taught the tourist about the language English. He was convinced that to success, education was a necessity. He opted for higher education but owing to lack of knowledge failed twice. This did not stop him to restart, he applied for the third time. This time with greater grit and a higher level of studying, he cracked the entrance exam.

Jack Ma Success Story

Post graduation, he started to apply for various jobs. A series of rejection before being appointed as a teacher, Jack gave a kick-start to his career. Jack had significantly less knowledge regarding coding. But the popularity of digital platform fascinated him, and he sought to start an online company. The first two though did not work well, Jack finally started a venture named Alibaba with 18 friends.

Hurdles Faced By Jack Ma

A name that is etched in China’s history, though we picture Jack Ma as the Richest, noble, lucky and a spectacular entrepreneur. Life has not been easy for him too. He managed to surpass some of the most challenging times in his life. Determination and strong will led him to where he is. 

Jack Ma

The tumble blocks in Jack Ma’s life.

  • Failed in school exams multiple time, but never quit. Twice in school, thrice in middle school and even during the entrance exam.

To quote Ma: “I am not good at math, have never studied management, and still cannot read accounting reports.”

  • Ma has never been at it. He scored less than one percent in his math exam.
  • Rejection is acceptable but applying for the next nine times is something only Jack can do. Harvard has rejected him 10 times. But patience kept him going.
  • You are no-go – Another rejection when he applied for a police officer. And not once, Jack has been turned down 30 times before starting as a teacher.
  • In an interview in KFC, 23 out of 24 applicants were selected. Yes, you guessed it right. Jack was the only one to be rejected.
Jack Ma Success Story

So, you see falling, and failing are just roadblocks, You shine only when you rise. 

Jack Ma Quotes

The Online Company – Change in His Career

An e-commerce site where the exporters can list up their products and act as a portal to sell their goods online. Sounds good?

It will take a little later,

The company soon attracted Myriads of exported from across the nation. Wanna know how? Read further

  • In the year 1999, the company raised a fund of $5 million from the Goldman Sachs.
  • Also, $20million from Telecom company of Japan named SoftBank. The company is an investor in several technologies.
  • In 2000, the company’s primary competitor, eBay faced fall owing to the advent of tobacco by Jack Ma.
  • The year 2005 saw massive success. Yahoo invested 1billion dollar. Jack Ma’s dream company was all set to reign in China. eBay has lost its pace, and now Yahoo too benefited by investing in the IPO of Alibaba a sum $10billion.

New York Stock exchange saw a massive investment by a US-based company. An offering of $150 billion in Alibaba IPO deemed Jack Ma as the wealthiest person in China.

Jack Ma Success Story

2016 saw a 24-hour sale of $18 billion at the site, and this has created history.

Jack Ma- The Destiny Changer


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