Kim Kardashian: Stuns In Her Latest Nude Photo Shoot

Kim Kardashian, the reality TV star icon and social activist, is no stranger to a nude photo shoot, but her most recent one has an odd, surprising back-story… and it has to do with none other than US President Donald Trump.

Kim Kardashian Nude shot for “Richardson.”

Kim Kardashian has stripped down once again for yet another nude photo shoot. She is posing in white pair knickers for a renowned erotica magazine by Richardson. She has posed topless again in a very raunchy photo shoot for the cover image of the magazine.

Her stripped breasts are covered with label A9, and she appears entirely free from any makeup while gawking at the camera. In the interior pages of the erotica magazine, Kardashian posed naked while squatting in a bathtub while exposing her famous buttocks.

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Richardson A9 – 20th Anniversary Issue featuring @kimkardashian on the cover shot by @stevenkleinstudio is now available online at #ReadRichardson 🌹🌹🌹

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The theme of the photo shoot was inspired by the Japanese adult animated psychosomatic thriller “Perfect Blue.” The photo shoot comes after she also posed naked to promote her newest beauty line. The mom-of-three is more confident than ever with her body shape after losing nine kgs’ over the previous year.

Steven Klein, the renowned photographer, clicked the photos formerly this year. Back in May, Kim revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Stay. That it was at this incredible photo shoot that she got the call from Donald Trump telling her that he would grant leniency to Alice Johnson, a non-violent drug lawbreaker serving a life sentence in the detention center. Because getting a call from Trump while you are on a nude shoot happens to all of us, is it true?

Richardson latest news viral photo kim kardashian nude photo shoot
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In October 2017, Kim began advocating on behalf of the release of Johnson, and in May, she met with the president at the White House to compose her case. Within less than a week, Donald Trump agreed to pardon the once offender, and Kim Kardashian and Alice Johnson met for the first time for a combined interview on 14th June 2018 after his release.

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Trump’s call during the photoshoot 

kim kardashian Donald Trump feedaddy

Kim Kardashian got the news about Johnson’s release from Donald Trump himself while she was posing during the photo shoot with Klein, which we are sure is a memory she won’t before long forget.

In an interview with Kimmel, she told her “He called me. I was at a Steven Klein photo shoot. And if anyone knows who he is, it’s pretty much a nude shoot. So, I’m naked, and my phone rings and I’m all glammed up.”

“So you were naked when Donald Trump called you?” Kimmel asked.

“I put a robe on. I was in a robe,” and then she clarifies adding, “And I was bugging out during the shoot.”

Kim Discussing Her After Marriage Life

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian says her marriage with Kanye West has made her more “confidential person.” While talking on “The Alec Baldwin Show,” she remembered her time before she met Kanye West. She also talked about how her entire life revolved around being in the limelight.

Kim said: “We would put our make-up and get our hair done after we coated the show. Then it was like: ‘I was like what is the newest restaurant in Hollywood? Where can I be seen? Where can I go? Who is there? Where are they going? Who is there? And blah blah.”

latest news viral photo kim kardashian nude photo shoot

But when she met the “The Heartless rapper,“ the caring with the Kim” things changed for good. She spoke about her point of view changed and how he makes her learn how to value her personal life. He likes to keep to himself when he is not doing his job. “It started with Kanye West.

His professional life is very public, but then when he was out of his workplace, he was very confidential. Now it’s, ‘Where can we go on holiday where nobody will see us? I never had an idea that I would be at that point of the life,” she further added.

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