How to live a happy life and find happiness within?

Does know secrete of happiness?

How to live a happy life? Where to find happiness? This question arises to many of us, we always seek for happiness in the life. In search of happiness, we get involved with materialistic things and relationship around us. No matter how hard we try often we get stuck with depression and stress. Nothing seems good to us and we lose control over life. Happiness is not a goal, it is a state of mind. But due to modern lifestyles, it is getting difficult to live a balanced life and mental clutter is becoming so common in people. To live a balanced life one should declutter mind. Before we discuss ways to declutter mind, we should understand about life, mankind’s evolution and effects.

In Search of Happiness
Be like children

Know your Life

Life is not a thing or an act, which occurs to species. Life is a collective process of various events between birth and death is life.  All living creatures perform reproduction, growth, metabolism as per biological methods inbuilt in their existence.

Human is a prime living being, who can think, act and create new things. Such capabilities put humankind on top of all creatures.

Since human evolutions, several inventions, and discoveries has been done to make people’s lives safe & comfortable. Our life has been changed too much over the period, and we have experienced many things as uses of technologies, wars, medical science, discoveries and many more.

Know Your Life

Emotions are the most beautiful thing

Emotions are the most beautiful thing that any living creature can have. It becomes more exciting when you can communicate with each other. Developing a language is one of the best creation ever done by humankind. Power of communication proved to be one of the most excellent tools for survival. Several languages have been created around the in human history.

Where are we wrong?

Thanks to the all previous inventions and discoveries, survival is not a big issue for humankind, as we have gathered all the necessary thing around us. We can produce stuff and keep ourselves alive. You can cultivate food, or buy from the supermarket. Most of us don’t have to go to the jungle and hunt for food as primitive humans use to do. Now we are going suffering from different kind of issues in our life like we are worried about work, relationships, achievement, money, success, expectations.

In search of Happiness
We are lost in search of Happiness

Such lifestyles are creating challenges to live a happy life. We find ourselves stuck with expectations and cluttered thoughts. There is too much we want to achieve within a lifetime. We are overpressurized with current situations of life and living unhappily. Purpose of life is not clear to many of us, and we are just living like any other creature.

Life is a beautiful thing, and we need to find the meaning in it. We can change our lifestyle and can feel amazing things in life. There is too much to explore within and around the world.

Let’s explore the happy world within:

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Love your life:

No one is immortal, there will be a time when everyone dies. No matter what have you done? What is unfinished? Who are you? Nothing is going to live forever. Then what will remain? And for whom?

You love your friends, family and always want them to live happy and healthy. When they die what remains? Their memories, and acts. Same way only your actions will stay for a long time. If you have done some noble work or anything for upcoming generations, you will be remembered as a hero.

So time is not much to waste, you are special and unique for your loved ones thus you should enjoy your life. If you love what you are you can spread the love. Make most of your life as you live only once.

Love Your Life

Be thankful:

Showing some respect and gratitude towards your life will change your perceptions. We think that we can control everything in life, but the truth is, we just adjust things around, whether it is physical or emotional.

We should be thankful for things that we own, little gratitude to your loved ones will make your life meaningful. It is true that money can buy many things, but happiness comes only from the surroundings.

Be Thankful
Show Some Gratitude
Help others:

By helping someone, you can feel immense happiness within yourself. There are no specific reasons why you feel happy when you help someone, but it shows that you are a noble human, you care about people you love and who live around you. When you connect with someone while helping them, you feel peacefulness.

Help Others
Help Others
Smile more:

Enjoy your life, share your time with your loved ones, and friends. Spread happiness and smile more. Your smile will bring content to your and many other’s lives.

Smile More
Smile More, Spread Happiness
Be Sporty:

Spent some time to do exercise, if you are healthy, you will be happy. An ill body cannot enjoy life. Eat good food and live a good life.

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Be Sporty

Communicate with your loved ones:

Often we do not talk about emotional states and keep all stress within. Whenever you share your emotional states with your loved ones, you feel free from anxieties and confident. Communication always helps to get out from emotional stress.

Communicate with your loved one

Hunt for Motivation:

We always get inspired by something or someone. Inspiration is light for self-realization when we get encouraged, we get motivated and work with more efficiency. One Inspiration can change your perception and make your life balanced.

Get Inspired
One Inspiration is enough to change your life
Meditation: A Journey to nothingness

Meditation can be the cure for your all problems. Every problem arises from the mind and stays there, just it changes its form. Once you leave everything on its own and relax in the form of meditation all your worries vanish gradually. When you practice meditation regularly, you become more focused and contented.


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