Loki episode 5: 25 magical superpowers possessed by Marvel’s God of Mischief


Loki and Sylvie

It’s no lie that Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest outing Loki is everything that the superhero fans have been waiting for all this while. From grand sets that transport you from one timeline to another to a story that keeps you hooked, Loki makes for the perfect watch for all superhero fiction lovers. The God of Mischief (Tom Hiddleston) joins Time Variance Authority’s Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson) on a thrilling new journey. In this Disney+ Hotstar limited series, our anti-hero meets other variants of himself, ranging from a Classic Loki to a Kid Loki and an Aligator Loki too. There’s a female Loki too, who calls herself Sylvie and in episode 5 we’ll see a much more powerful side of her. 

Before that, here are 25 magical superpowers possessed by God of Mischief that could make an appearance in the series Loki:

1) Teleporting at Will

This is one superpower Loki has that we all wish we had – teleporting at will. According to the comics, Loki can be wherever he wants, whenever he wants to. 

2) All-Speak


All-speak or All-Tongue is a superpower that helps him communicate with all beings of all universes. They hear it as their own native language and it is assumed that Loki is well-versed in all languages to understand them back. 

3) Moving Through Solid Matter

When he wishes to escape, Loki can take a ghost-like form and pass through objects. Isn’t that something we’d all love when we wish to escape a sticky situation? 

4) Telekinesis

Loki does have the power to move things using his mind but we haven’t seen him do that a lot when it comes to this show. But maybe soon? 

5) Super Strength

Fans might not think of Loki when it comes to super strength like they would perhaps think of a Captain America. But don’t be misguided, in the comics Loki is known to lift over 20 tonnes. That’s some super strength right there. 

6) Mind Reading

Now, the comics might not have suggested that Loki is a mind reader but we have seen glimpses of him use this power. In Thor: Ragnarok on Disney+ Hotstar Premium and Disney+ Hotstar VIP, we see Loki read minds. 

7) Invisibility 

Doesn’t invisibility just make things so much easier? Loki has used it before and we won’t be surprised if he uses it again while on the mission with TVA. 

8) Turning Himself Into Animals

Marvel fans know Thor loves snakes and Loki has used this power to turn himself into snakes. Isn’t that what sibling rivalry is all about?

9) Turning Others into Animals

We know Loki is a top-level sorcerer and he can use his powers to turn others into animals too. 

10) Creating The Indestructible Face of Tom Cruise

This might sound simply ridiculous but powers like these are why Loki is called “The God of Mischief”. To mess with Deadpool, Loki gave him the face of Tom Cruise. 

11) Wielding a Symbiote Sword

Loki doesn’t come to mind when one talks about wielding a Symbiote. But he has in the past and we reckon that he’ll make a good host in case it comes back in the MCU. 

12) The Sorcerer Supreme

Doctor Strange fans might not agree, but Loki has sort of earned the title of the Sorcerer Supreme. 

13) Time Travel

In the first episode of Loki on Disney+ Hotstar Premium and Disney+ Hotstar VIP,  we see Agent Mobius questioning Loki about time travel. Do we need more evidence?

14) Singing

He’s a bit of a charmer too and likes to sing. 

15) Water Stops Him From Casting a Spell

This might not be a power but Loki can’t cast a spell with water around. Water tends to negate his magical superpowers. And he probably can’t swim either. 

16) Necromancy 

Loki has the ability to bring the dead back to life and this looks like something he could use in his time with the TVA. 

17) Survive Without His Head

It’s said Loki has the determination of a cockroach, he sure has. Loki can simply pick up his head and keep walking, a pretty cool power to work with.

18) Patience

Loki has the will and patience to play the long game. He has the power to tap into and continue with the same thing till it reaps the results he wants. 

19) Permanent Hair Dye

Loki cuts off Lady Sif’s hair and he tries to fix his mistake. He tried what was best available at his disposal. 

20) Become a Giant

Loki can take a giant-like look and that’s something he’s learned over the years. 

21) Create Copies of Himself

This is again something mortals like us with no superpowers will highly appreciate. Loki can create copies of himself and these aren’t just illusions or projections. This gives him the leverage to make an army of himself. 

22) Bulletproof

Bullets can’t take down this God of Mischief. We know a lot of the regular heroes wish they had this power. 

23) Power Transfer

Can you believe that Loki can simply hand over his powers to whoever he wants. Imagine he isn’t in the mood to fight, he can simply make arrangements. 

24) Astral Projection 

Loki can talk to people from far away without being present. His brother Thor often throws objects at Loki to check if he’s truly there or is just present through a projection. 

25) Wielding Mjolnir

Loki was able to wield Thor’s hammer, the tool that marks Thor as the successor to Odin. He simply took it for vengeance and a little bit of catharsis. 

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