Maharashtra school reopening update: Check important development for class 8-12 students

Mumbai: The Maharashtra government has decided to reopen schools in places where no COVID-19 cases have been reported in a month. Schools in such areas can open from July 15 for classes 8 to 12 and conduct teaching in an offline mode. “It has become a need of the hour to have a co-educational approach to reach out to the children of the last strata of the state,” minister of school education department Varsha Gaikwad said in a tweet

All teachers, as well as non-teaching staff, will be vaccinated before schools reopen. Varsha Gaikwad also said following strict COVID-19 guidelines will be mandatory in the wake of a possible third wave of COVID-19.

An eight-member committee comprising collectors, school principals, and health officials will be formed that will decide on COVID-free zones.

“Prior to the commencement of school, corona vaccination of all teachers and non-teaching staff in the respective schools should be done as a matter of priority,” NDTV quoted Gaikwad as saying.

“It is mandatory for all to strictly abide by the Corona prevention rules laid down by the state government before starting school. Considering the possibility of a possible third wave, any kind of negligence will not be tolerated.”

“In a village, where no corona patient has been found for the last one month and in future, the gram panchayat may unanimously decide to keep the village corona-free. Classes 8 to 12 will be sanctioned to start from July 15,” the minister said.

Guidelines for reopening of schools in Maharashtra’s COVID-free zones:

1. A maximum of fifteen to twenty students will be permitted in a classroom at once. Schools will need to make sure there is a distance of at least six feet between two students.

2. Students will need to wash their hands with soap frequently.

3. Use of mask will be compulsory.

4. In case students show signs of COVID-19, they will be sent home.

5. All COVID-19 precautions underlined by the Centre and the state government will have to be implemented.

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