Makeup Hacks You Should Definitely Try

Beauty is something we all crave for. Those thick lashes, mascara, kajal, the lip liner, and the lip gloss all add to our beauty regime. But do all of us afford such high budget items or beauty products for your makeup. 

Makeup hacks 2018

I guess, no!

Most of us don’t. But we cannot compromise with our skin. Sometimes all we look for is beauty tips or makeup hacks that could act miraculously on our skin. Here, we paint some of the best and the most common makeup hacks 2018. These can do wonders, and you should know and of course, give it a try.

Makeup hacks 2018

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Makeup Hacks You Should Do
  • Bulky Eyelashes: All set for the party. Dress ok, heels checked, earrings done, kajal eye-catching, oh wait! Eyelashes – so thin :(. Don’t worry we have a quick fix for you. Adding mascara layer after layer would do no good. Merely puff your pads and apply Lil powder and then another coat. You are there. The perfect coat lashes for the perfect makeup. 


  • Missed Your Fan Brush: Perfectly reached the auditorium for the party. But wait, forgot your fan brush, how will you do the makeup. Don’t panic lady, hitch out few Bobby pins and insert them across the bristles and now go ahead with contouring. One od the best makeup hacks for girls.

Makeup Hacks for girl


  • Lipstick Broken? : Just applying and be your lipstick cracks. Wait to hold on. Hold a lighter, heat the one in the tube and then add the other part. Wait till it cools. There you are with your fixed lipstick and another makeup hacks for girls  

Makeup hacks 2018

  • Pencil Eyeliner to Gel: The liner melts into a gel and so becomes a lot easier to apply. The smoky eye effect can be easily obtained. All you need to do place the eyeliner tip over the flame and wait till it melts. And you are ready with your makeup with our super effective makeup hacks. 

Makeup Hacks 2018

  • Dark Mirror in the room, makeup goes flat:

    If you have been struggling with lights to view your makeup. Sneak out in the brightness of the day and get a glimpse of the dark spots on your face. An excellent makeup hack for girls. Makeup Hacks 2018


  • Love those glittery nail paints but find it hard removing: Use Elmer’s white glue instead of a base coat. Apply your favorite nail paint on top and when you wish to remove peel out the glue.

  • Apply perfume properly: Use the spray to apply at the significant points. Do not bathe in perfume. Apply it effectively as an excellent make up Hacks .

Makeup Hacks 2018

  • Smokey Eyes: We all love to have that dark smokey eye but how. Apply tapes above your lashes and then use your kajal to shade your eye. This beauty hack is the best for you. 

Makeup Hacks 2018

  • Sponge for glitter paint: Glitter paints are amazing, but you have a hard time second coating. The paintbrush might not work well, use a sponge instead. And there you go, the perfect glitter nail paint. A quick beauty up hack for you. 

Makeup Hacks 2018


  • Thin hairs but want a thick ponytail: place bobby pins beneath your hairs after you knot a tie. One of the best beauty hacks  2018 that give you a sexy look.

Makeup hacks 2018



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