Manchester United Looking not so United! Problems all around

It’s no secret Manchester United is the most successful team in the premier league. The team fans have enjoyed more than their fair share of glory years, right now Manchester is looking to be in a spot of some worries, several areas need to be addressed, and some of them are listed below.

Even after the entrance of Paul Pogba from transfer window, United couldn’t perform according to expectations. This time team is on number 8th position of the points table of premier league this season. Before the international break, United not only faced problems related to their coach Jose Mourinho. But people connected to the club also started to claim that there is all not well in the dressing room.

Here are the five most concerning issues Manchester United faces right now:
  • The Pogba Problem :

An exist leftover of the last season that has still tormented the side. While different sources had put the issue to the rest. The Frenchmen shining world cup demonstrating had opened up intrigue once more. And the connection to likes of  Juventus and Barcelona are still quite strong. To have the capacity to check the conspiracy alone is a tough task for Mourinho, who will also be pressured to attempt and bring the sort of Pogba that the world saw in Russia play at Old Trafford too.

  • Right  Winger :  

The most vital approaching spot in United’s longing to be the favorite of world-class talent throughout. Regardless of being connected with the Ivan Perisic, the Croatian winger being 30 years old raises several questions, and Sanchez, on the other side, doesn’t improve the situation either. According to the recent report, their other connected options of Williams is proving to be more expensive, with the Chelsea being the troublesome moderator. To add to this headache is the question mark over the eventual fate of Martial. Woes galore?

  • Intensity and Players :  

The enthusiasm shown by the players on a pitch is unquestionable should be addressed. Many fans also noticed that United players have looked less aggressive and the shoulder has dropped significantly after the opponent has taken the lead. Even though a new bunch of players under Mourinho is sufficient to make the fight to the throat of the opposition. The same worried of the against team taking the lead continues with the team.

  • No world-class Left-Back:  

United left-back troubles have been disregarded for far too long. Regardless of being connected with a host of talents to replace Shaw and young in the desired spot, nothing substantial has risen yet. At this rate, it appears to be progressively likely that the Red Devils will see due date day pass by, and inevitably settle with one fundamental flank left unsure for yet another campaign.

  • No Leader in their Defence:  

Their issues at the back expand much further. The absence of a leader in defense has been the glaring bug, Mourinho was relied on to settle this window. Akin to the left back saga,  this has been a recognized that various names had been connected with, yet has thing stand, Chris Smalling may get one more season in the spot to give the mixed performance. Fatal Flaw?

Final Takeaway:

The hunting tigers now being hunted in their kingdown. Mourinho has lost its magical touch. The theatre of dreams is no longer United’s hunting ground. The entertainment level has suddenly dropped. But things can be changed if players and its associative members work on the issues wisely. Now Manchester United is hoping for all well in the next session after the international break.

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