#MeToo movement – A Storm supporting women to speak up the ugly truth

#MeToo movement is exposing the real face of society. Women are coming up front and sharing their#MeToo moments for sexual harassment or sexual assault.  Sexual harassment is not new to society, women are being harassed every moment all around the world. No matter where she goes, where she works or what she does, at some point of she is suffering from harassment.  No matter how high standard or famous people around women they cannot stop such shameful actions against women.


Me Too Tricky Truths Viral News

#MeToo movement has reached to India as #MeTooIndia and revealing the real face of famous personalities along with the corporate world. Through Me Too campaign women are speaking up loud and clear about sexual harassment or assault they were the victim of.

#MeToo: Some Recent Allegation on Indian Celebs
  • Tanushree Dutta – Nana Patekar: Recently Tanushree Dutta alleges Nana Patekar for inappropriate behavior incident by Nana Patekar on the film set. Other celebrities also came in support of her while all this is going on.  She also filed a written complaint about her allegations.
  • Kangana Ranaut – Vikas Bahl: Kangana also shared her bitter experience while working on the set of “Queen” movie in 2005 with director Vikas Bahl.
  • Alok Nath – Vinita Nanda: An Indian director Vinita Nanda accused Alok Nath that he raped her
  • Chetan Bhagat: One of the most famous writers in India Chetan Bhagat also accused of his conversation with a woman.
  • Rajat Kapoor: One of the finest actors of Bollywood Rajat Kapoor is also accused by two women for sexual harassment. later on, he posted an apology on Twitter


  • Kailash Khair: A female journalist accused Kailash Khair and said: This creep kept his hand on my thigh. 
Some of the #MeToo Moments on Twitter


Bollywood: After Tanushree Dutta case, Kangana Ranaut alleges Vikas Bahl of sexual assault

#MeTooIndia – Lawyers came in support offering free legal aid for women

I am sure such loud and clear roar through this #MeTooIndia campaign will shake the society. Now any Man will think ten thousand times before act smart with women.  Such a voice in the nation will bring new golden Indian community and will keep warning people who are attempting this shameful act. We hope that women will speak up more and the law will support them too.

Let’s keep an eye on #MeToo. 

Fact Or Publicity Stunt – Tanushree Dutta Alleges Nana Patekar

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